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GC, NW Kitty Charm Windchill DM
(M) Aug 17 1998, 0102-1218237 v0101, Copper-Eyed White Persian
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GC, RW Kitty Charm Tailwind
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-1028489 v0197 Aug 6 1995
GC Kitty Charm Damian
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-785172 v1193 Feb 1 1992
GC Jovan Zolar of Big Dog
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-595530 v0591 Sep 11 1989
GC, RW Jovan Ditch Digger of Chariots
GC Ziegfeld's My Special Angel
CH Kitty Charm's Icy Sensation
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0103-610897 v1091 Mar 20 1990
Ronlyn's Blue Baja of Bonte
GC Kitty Charm's Cold As Ice
CH Kitty Charm Tabitha On Ice
Brown Tabby & White Persian
1143-844542 v0494 Jan 17 1993
Dearborn Ruppert
Brown McTabby & White Persian
1192-680102 v1191 Jul 30 1990
GC Kikicat Higgins of Whitthaven
GC Dearborn Violet of Utagawa
CH Kitty Charm Prancing On Ice
Black & White Persian
1109-712429 v0792 Apr 28 1991
GC Jovan Moosehead DM
CH Kitty Charm's Rhythm On Ice
GC Kitty Charm Heather O'Hara
Blue Persian
0107-1130627 v0798 Jan 12 1997
CH Kitty Charm's Blu Moon
Blue Persian
0106-550758 v0891 Apr 8 1989
GC Jovan Mojo DM
Black Persian
0108-436413 v0988 Jun 15 1987
GC Jovan Mogwai
Jovan Frankie Goes To Hollywood
CH Kitty Charm's Rhythm On Ice
Blue & White Persian
0191-475017 v0589 May 7 1988
GC Jovan Moosehead DM
CH Kitty Charm's Silhouette On Ice
GC Araho's Erin O'Toole of Kitty Charm
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1058943 v0397 Dec 16 1995
GC, NW Araho's Tommy Flynn DM
Cream Persian
0114-855073 v0395 May 4 1993
GC Araho's Murphey McShea
GC, NW Q-T Cats Danielle of Araho
Softmagic's Gabrielle of Araho DM
Black Persian
0109-795991 v0395 May 22 1992
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