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CH Kittystone's Crimson Flash
(M) Jul 22 2001, 3278-1380727 v0603, Flame Point Himalayan
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CH Kittystone's Cliffhanger
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1166991 v0899 Jul 19 1997
CH Kittystone's Music Man of KJs
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-950924 v0696 Aug 12 1994
GC, GP Thesaurus Calvin Klean of Rainyday
3010-596009 v1090 Jul 17 1989
CH Thesaurus Flame-Boy-Ant
GC Riverbend's Pati of Mystes
CH Kittystone's Morning Song
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-856921 v0994 Mar 22 1993
CH Kittystone's Blue Chip
Thesaurus' Symphony of Kittystone
CH Kittystone's Cloud Dancing
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-1023380 v0997 Jun 18 1995
CH, GP Rainyday Flying Cloud
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-924108 v0895 Mar 17 1994
CH Stumar's Gentle Ben
GC Rainyday Windflower
CH Kittystone's Fluff Puff
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-955396 v1195 Apr 30 1994
Thesaurus Sun E Day of Kittystone
Jolee Flutter Fluff of JM Cattle
CH Kittystone's Lullaby
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-1262626 v0800 Mar 17 1999
CH Karabel Butch Cassidy of Nestlenook
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-1164747 v1198 May 14 1997
GC Careyata's Commotion of Juky
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1032075 v0997 Oct 10 1995
CH Canuck's Yo-Yo
Karabel's Lucky Charm of Careyata DM
GC Karabel's Venus In Blue Jeans
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-948739 v0196 Aug 10 1994
GC Karabel's Easy Lover
GC, GP, RW Karabel's Angel In The Morning
GC Kittystone's Lyric
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-1073487 v0997 Feb 1 1996
GC Stumar's Goin' To Extremes
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-880678 v1194 Aug 1 1993
CH Stumar's Gentle Ben
GC Stumar's Confetti
CH Kittystone's Melody
Cream CPC
3015-891570 v0696 Sep 24 1993
Thesaurus Ponce of Kittystone
Thesaurus' Symphony of Kittystone
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