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GC Kuorii Yohji of D'Eden Lover
(F) Sep 10 2004, 7747-1510814 v1105, Tortoiseshell Exotic
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DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy
Red McTabby Persian
0140M-1418741 v0903 Aug 20 2002
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
Blue McTabby Persian
0152M-1412356 v1102 Apr 5 2001
D'Eden Lover Sam-Sarah
Red Persian
0111-1355671 v0702 Apr 21 2001
GC, NW Kuorii J'Lo of Marcus
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7745M-1412354 v1204 Jul 19 2002
GC, DW Kuorii Bouba of Latin Lover
Brown McTabby Exotic
7744M-1326411 v1002 Aug 30 1999
Kuorii Baby Cheers of Granddelight
Brown McTabby & White Exotic
7793M-1157018 v0797 Jul 27 1997
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