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GC Ky'Om Cha Rah of Cobbycat
(F) Jun 8 1972, 0147-0004274 v106, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH Dunhowa Malik Shah of Ky'Om
Black Persian
0108-0002548 v103 Sep 30 1969
CH Dunhowa Jinni
Black Persian
0108-0001722, v100 Dec 12 1966
CH Shawnee Blue Monday of Dunhowa
Skyway Bit O'Squire of Dunhowa
Skyway Tammy of Dunhowa
Black Persian
0109-0002343 v102 May 21 1968
CH Shawnee Blue Monday of Dunhowa
Skyway Kimberly of Sherdon
Pembroke Eclipse of Ky'Om
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002387 v102 May 22 1969
CH Shawnee Having A Ball of Doman
Red Persian
0110-0001006 v101 Sep 26 1967
CH Shawnee Red Letter Day of Jobi
GC Shawnee Red Carpet of Jobi
CH Shy's Castle Ondine of Pembroke
Black Persian
0109-0002139, v101 Sep 17 1968
CH Shy's Castle Sir Winston
CH Shy's Castle Contessa-Tu
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