Pedigree of:

GC Ky-Ro Bulldog Drummond
(M) Jun 6 1979, 0108-0009132 v112, Black Persian
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Kyle's Baretta of Marsan
Black Persian
0108-0007556 v111 Mar 11 1978
DCH Kyle's McFuster of Gar-Rhon
Red Persian
0110-0003288 v108 Jan 27 1975
CH Kyle's Dandelion
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0001344 v104 Nov 6 1970
GC, CCA GC Stonybrook Lam
CH, IC Kyle's Love Bug
Stonybrook Jane of Kyle
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC, GP, IGH Stonybrook Matt Helm of Kyle
GC Stonybrook Lustre
Kyle's Hester of Kyina
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0005496 v109 Feb 19 1974
CH Simbelair Sale of Stonybrook
C.E. White Persian
0102-0001854 v101 Mar 14 1967
CH Skyway Rajah of Simbelair DM
GC Simbelair Sandstar
CH, IC Kyle's Love Bug
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002347 v103/CCA 5585-0172 Feb 11 1969
GC, GP, IGH Stonybrook Matt Helm of Kyle
CH, CCA CH Wineta Firebug of Kyle
Ky-Ro Midnight Majic of Blewillow
Black Persian
0109-0007844 v111 Apr 2 1978
GC Misty Mornin' Conquest DM
Black Persian
0108-0003221 v103 May 23 1970
CH, GP Catalot's Quest of Shadowlane
Black Persian
0108-0001835 v102 Jul 31 1968
Gaylands Sean of Misty Mornin'
GC Birch-Haven Pan-Z-Face of Catalot
GC, NW Serbs Black Gold of Misty Mornin' COY
Black Persian
0109-0001254 v103 Sep 27 1966
CH Silva-Wyte Angus Silky of Serbs
CH Lori-Bee Samantha of Serbs
Ky-Ro Charisma
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0007619 v109/CFF P33F1-70333 Mar 17 1976
GC Maluce's Mokey Joe of Ky-Ro
Black Persian
0108-0005497 v107 Aug 20 1974
CH Safari's Ta Bu of Maluce
CH Con Meo Lady Macbeth of Maluce
CH Stiefel Kater Lovebug of Ky-Ro
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0008094 v108
CH Stiefel Kater Romeo
Stiefel Kater Jubilee
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