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Lady Dainty Diana
(F) Apr 2 1910, ACA 1472 v5, Tortoiseshell Persian
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Red Admiral
Red Persian
CFA 762 v2 / ACA 997 v4 Aug 1 1905
Torrington Rufus
Red Persian
NCC 105a, v6-7
CH Bundle
Blue Persian
USR 33/NCC 1205 v2/CCR v3
Thunder And Lightning
Blue Smoke Persian
NCC/C.C.R./USR#11 p169
LH blue sire of Thunder And Lightning unknown
Blue Longhair

Dam of Thunder And Lightning unknown

Buttons (d: Bundle)
Blue Persian
USR 30/NCC 1206 v1
Persian Sire of Buttons

Lady Jane Grey (Lady Wake)
Blue Persian
NCC 1129
Torrington Owlet
Tortoiseshell Persian
USR / NCC Jun 24 1900
Zibaldi (Zilbalby)
NCC - Imported to England
Ellivayda (aka Torrington Ellivayda)
Brown Tabby Persian
NCC SB#247A v6-7/CCR v2
Blue Persian
NCC 2015 v1
UK CH Beauty Boy
Blue Persian
NCC 1031 v1; USR 1 v1
Mater (1885)
Pearl (ncc 1061)
Silver Tabby Persian
NCC 1061 v1
My Fluff
Tortoiseshell Persian
NCC 3125/CCR v2
Silver Tabby Persian
NCC 1056 v1,3
Flit (aka My Flit)
NCC 1877
Judy (Mrs Taylor)
Tortoiseshell Persian
Richmond Lifeguard (NCC-S: Robert Orange)

A Blue-Cream

CH Lady Beresford
Tortoiseshell Persian
x353 v1 / ACA 363 v2 Jun 25 1904
Red Dragon
Red Persian
ACA 112 v1 (?ACA 229)
CH King of The Silvers (aka Old Fort King of ...
Masked Silver Persian
CFA 85 v1/BCC 170 v1
CH Bitterne Silver Chieftain(aka Silver Chieftai
Shaded Silver Persian
BCC 618 v3-4 /CFA 108 v1/CCR v1
UK CH Lord Southampton
Chinchilla Silver Persian
USR 62/NCC 1690/CCR v1 p9
UK CH Silver Lambkin (1889)
Chinchilla Silver Persian
BCC 66 v1/ USR 58 / NCC A-4022
NCC CH Perso (aka: Purison)
Beauty of Bridgeyate(aka Beauty of Islington)
Southampton Duchess (aka Duchess)
Chinchilla Silver Persian
NCC 1586 / USR 59/GCCF/CCR v1
CH Bundle
I, Beauty's Daughter(aka Islington Beauty;"I"
Bitterne Bulbul (aka: Holmesdale Bulbul)
Chinchilla Silver Persian
CCR v1 p2 / NCC v1/BCC v3
CH Nero
Dark Tabby Persian
NCC 1395 v2
Sire of Nero unknown
Venus (ncc)
Venus (ncc)
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Beauty (d:Venus)
Blinks(aka Blink Blinks-aka Ingleside Blinks)
Black Persian
NCC 1656 v2
UK CH Blue Jack (aka Blue Jock)
Blue Persian
NCC 1149 v1
Sire of Blue Jack unknown

Dam of Blue Jack unknown

Ingleside Tawny (aka: Tawney; Candace Tawney)
Blue with Orange Shading Persian
NCC 1502 / USR 69
Lindfield Bootles(akaSpringfieldBootles,Booti
Blue Persian
NCC 1226 v2
The Friar
Lily (Lily Friar) Mrs Gurney
Brenda (1890)
Tortoiseshell Persian
NCC 1085 v1 (Imported)
Blue Queen (dam of Brenda b:1890)
CH Tortie Diana Fawe (aka Diana Fawe)
Tortoiseshell Persian
ACA 98 v1/NCC 3130 v6-7/CCR v1
CH Johnnie Fawe
Black Persian
NCC 3020 / USR 3*
UK CH Prince Charlie
Orange Tabby Persian
NCC 1791 v3/USR p.113/BCC v4 p61/ACA v1 P
Tiger (bcc-S: Oak-Knoll Brownie Boy-B:1899
Brown Tabby Persian
NCC 1435 SB#15A v6-7/ BCC
Emperor I (Eng.Imp)(bcc-S:Sir Jack)
Pretty Poll
Queen Elizabeth (d: Prince Charlie)
Tortoiseshell Persian
NCC 3118/CCR v2 - ped unknown
Sire of Queen Elizabeth unknown
Dam of Queen Elizabeth unknown
Tabitha (Mrs Crowther)
Tortoiseshell Persian
UK CH Dainty Diana (aka Dainty Diana Fawe)
Tortoiseshell Persian
NCC 3126 v6-7/CCR v3
Sire of Dainty Diana unknown

Dam of Dainty Diana unknown

Daisy (aca, bcc)
Tortoiseshell-White Persian
ACA 359 v2 Mar 25 1902
Bob (aca-S:Daisy)
Sylvester (aca-S:Bob)


Kit (d:Daisy b:1902)
No reg# in ACA v2
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