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CFF CH Lady Pansy of Rosedere
(F) Mar 24 1924, CFF 2165, v6, Tortoiseshell Persian
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Benedict II
Blue Persian
xx8597 v11/CFF 837 v3 Aug 1 1919
Blue Persian
xx8596 v11/ CFF 14, v1 Apr 29 1913
Cecil Rhodes II
Blue Persian
CFF 9 v1 May 3 1911
Cecil Rhodes I
Vixen (usr 461)
Lady Frances
Blue Persian
NCC 6735 /ACA 1112 v4 Jul 4 1909
Big Ben (of Devonshire)
Blue Weenie
Blue Persian
xx2499 v6 Mar 16 1915
Adrian Nople
Blue Persian
x2205 v5
Bluestone of Tilecote(form.Joe of Tilecote)
Princess Victoria II
White Patty (Patricia)
White Persian
CFF 836R v3, Rule 1
McFarland's Buttons
Joli Gwynne
Lady Lou (D: Rosedere...)
O.E. White Persian
13-FR-386 v16/CFF 2005 v6
Peter Pan of Mills
B.E. White Persian
13-FR-385 v16 / CFF 6-R v1 Mar 1 1914
McFarland's Buttons
O.E. White Persian
CFF 16 v1
McFarland Gwynne
Lady Miniou
Mattie McFarland
White Persian
CFF 17-R v1
Columbia Patrick II
Fluffy (cff-D:Mattie McFarland)
White Queen
B.E. White Persian
13-FR-384 v16
Sire of White Queen not given in v16

Dam of White Queen not given in v16

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