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Larks-Purr Pricilla
(F) Mar 25 1959, 0107-0000871 v92, Colorbred Blue Persian
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Dixi-Land Humoresque of Larks-Purr
Blue Persian
57-1240 v88/ACFA P12-S58-1152 Aug 23 1957
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
Colorbred Blue Persian
22-SB-838 v24 Jul 10 1940
CH Barbe Bleue Ahoy of Laguna
Colorbred Blue Persian
20-SB-814 v22 / ACA 14831 May 2 1938
CH Blue Heather Christopher Robin of 7 Elms
Barbe Bleue Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
Santa Maria of Khyber of Dixi-Land
Colorbred Blue Persian
21-SB-529 v23 Mar 24 1939
CH Dixi-Land Boris of Allington
ACA CH Khyber's Blue Bell Marie of Kansas City
Dixi-Land Arbutus
Blue Persian
49-SB-025 v49 Aug 14 1949
CH Dixi-Land Peace
Colorbred Blue Persian
33-SB-928 v33 Aug 30 1946
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
CH Dixi-Land Wanda of Dunesk (Wanda of Dunesk)
CH Dixi-Land White Selena
C.E. White Persian
26-SB-366 v28 Jun 30 1944
GC Dixi-Land Salute
CH Dixi-Land Innocence
Kitten-Kennel Little Sis of Larks-Purr
Blue Persian
0107-0000316-1 v88/ACFA P12-S56-3492 Mar 22 1956
Kizmet of Kitten-Kennel
Blue Persian
0106-0000828 v91/P12-S55-563/ACA 33560 Aug 19 1953
CH Skyblue Bear of Casa Del Sol
Blue Persian
63-SB-343 v63/ACA Jun 25 1951
CH Rago Junior Bear
CH Halo Bear
CH Baralan Mistress Midnight
Black Persian
49-SB-714 v49 - Imported May 7 1949
UK CH Baralan Boy Blue
UK CH Fireball of Takeley
CH, ACA DCH Truly Fair of Kitten-Kennel
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0000911 v91 /P12-S55-564/ACA 27952 Apr 23 1951
Silver-Moth Regal Symbol
Colorbred Blue Persian
40-SB-220 v40/ ACFA P12-S55-349 Jun 1 1947
Silver-Moth Dixi-Land Emblem
Silver-Moth Dixi-Land Orchis
Wayside's Joanna
Colorbred Blue Persian
41-SB-944 v41 May 16 1948
CH, ACA DCH Nicholas of Wayside Blues
Wayside Hosanna
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