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Larpa Time-Of-Night of Psymis
(F) Aug 9 2002, 1145-1434790 v0608, Brown Patched Tabby Persian
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GC, RW Marcus Night Hawk of Larpa
Black Persian
0108-1346328 v0902 Jul 31 2000
GC, NW Kissnhug Drakkar
Black Persian
0108-1233927 v1100 Oct 22 1998
GC Bolo's Fire & Ice of Kissnhug
Red-White Persian
1110-0996779 v0997 Mar 25 1995
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
Bolo's Red Beauty
Citnkboodles Shena of Kissnhug
Black Persian
0109-1147049 v0399 Feb 10 1997
CH Artemis Lord Byron of Citnkboodles
Citnkboodles Gentle Soul of Purjam
GC, NW Marcus M'Donna DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1150994 v1298 Jun 29 1997
GC Quin-Jo Just Cause of Jadon DM
Cream Persian
0114-1005624 v0998 Jan 28 1995
GC, NW Quin-Jo's Bravo DM
CH Quin-Jo Silver Belle
GC, RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM
Calico Persian
0149-0738449 v0893 Oct 15 1991
GC, BW, NW Jadon Geoffrey Beene DM
GC, RW Anz Maggie The Cat DM
CH Larpa It's About Time of Psymis
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Persian
1145-1333832 v0902 Sep 26 2000
CH Primadowdy's Navigator of Larpa
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-1265000 v0800 Jan 28 1999
GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships DM
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0787754 v0997/(D)DEKZV LO 246541 Apr 28 1992
GC, RW Willafred's Excalibur
GC Marhei Babe Ginger Elle
GC Primadowdy's Angel In My Eyes
Brown Patched Tabby-White Persian
1187-1167831 v0599 Aug 11 1997
GC Primadowdy's Yogi Berra
CH Calivan's Joy! of Primadowdy
Larpa Lines An Marks
Red Persian
0111-1085436 v1298 Jun 5 1996
Larpa Chilipepper
Red Persian
0110-0994050 Oct 15 1990
GC Hankypankys Gadget of Harwood (of Larpa)
Larpa Chili
GC Marhei Magic Marquer of Red Sky
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0504177 v0190 Jun 29 1988
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
Harwood Tangelo of Marhei DM
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