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GC Longhill's Michael
(M) Apr 30 1951, 56-SB-420 v56, Cream Persian
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GC Longhill's Red Treasure
Red Persian
38-SB-113 v38/CFF 10320 v18 May 29 1948
CH Wycliffe Black Jack of Longhill
Black Persian
30-SB-633 v31 /ACFA P13-S55-058 Jun 16 1946
GC Great Lakes Basildon Talisman
Black Persian
19-SB-006 v21/GCCF 25359 v7 Apr 12 1935
UK CH Hillingdon Jackdaw
Basildon Black Gem
Ebonetta of West Allis
Black Persian
23-SB-459 v25 Mar 23 1942
DCH Barbe Bleue Wolof's Bamba
CH Domino's Rhapsody
CH Bali of Fourpaws of Shy's Castle
Red Persian
23-SB-507 v25/CFF 7114 Aug 31 1941
CH Plumfield Pat Hand
Red Persian
20-SB-783 v22 Jan 23 1939
CH Delmar Paul of Allington
Madam Firefly of White Birch
Prudence of Dunellen
Tortoiseshell Persian
20-FR-707 v22 Jun 6 1939
Sambo The Black
CH Eiderdown Wa-Valeta
Eiderdown Phian of Seacrest
Blue-Cream Persian
39-SB-565 v39 Jun 9 1948
CH Eiderdown Hoga-Baba
Red Persian
19-SB-697 v21 Apr 19 1937
CH Cheerio of Trent
Blue Persian
18-SB-053 v20 May 22 1935
CH Lavender Chu Chu
Benita of Trent
DCH Eiderdown Wasepi 2nd
Red Persian
17-SB-844 v19 Aug 2 1935
CH Eiderdown Warrior
CH Eiderdown Wasepi
CH Rosegate Gloria of Plumfield
Blue-Cream Persian
31-SB-073 v32 May 14 1946
CH Daybreak of Plumfield (Rosegate)
Cream Persian
23-SB-780 v25/CFF 7414 v13 Mar 10 1942
CH Plumfield Pat Hand
Mizpah of Plumfield
Rosegate Rosalie
Blue-Cream Persian
26-SB-026 v28/CFF 7718 v14 Mar 20 1944
CH Daybreak of Plumfield (Rosegate)
Herondale Flicka
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