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CH, ACFA DGC Mar-Geo Trojan of Khampur
(M) Jul 2 1971, 0106-0006372 v106 /ACFA P12-572-426, Blue Persian
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CH Bloemhill Troy of Erman
Blue Persian
0106-0000865 v96 May 24 1962
GC Bloemhill Pekoe
Cream Persian
0114-0000008 v88 May 6 1958
Nigrette's Tereus of Bloemhill
Colorbred Blue Persian
83-SB-957 v83 Apr 9 1955
GC Dixi-Land Montpellier Victor
Nigrette's Inspiration
CH Bloemhill Lorelei
Blue-Cream Persian
78-SB-495 v78 Jul 6 1954
CH Bloemhill Aladdin
CH Bloemhill Lilliput
GC Bloemhill Miss Iowa
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0000253 v92 Jun 25 1960
GC Bloemhill Spartan
Cream Persian
92-SB-698 v85 Jul 10 1956
Nigrette's Tereus of Bloemhill
CH Bloemhill Lorelei
CH Longhill's Misty Moon
Blue-Cream Persian
88-SB-353 v86 Jul 17 1955
GC Longhill's Michael
CH Longhill's Mazda of Castilia
Sevenstones Precious Cargo
Blue Persian
CH Blue Pom Pom of Mar-Geo
Blue Persian
0106-0003677 v102 Jul 27 1968
Erman Nuisance
Cream Persian
0114-0000972 v98/ACFA P15-S67-3466 Apr 23 1965
CH Lake Erie Tereus of Erman
Erman Marble
Mar-Geo Priesta
Black Persian
CH Mar-Geo Draper's Ho-Cuss Po-Cuss(Margeo Ho-Cu
CH Erman Karol of Mar-Geo
Arnel's Stripidy of Jariro
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0002888 v102 Oct 14 1968
GC Sollaire of Arnel
Cream Persian
0114-0001559 v99 Apr 8 1967
CH Gaylands Solano of Justice
CH Woodkiff Belleaire of Knob Hill
Arnel's Laurel of Fontaine
C.E. White Persian
0103-0002347 v99 Sep 15 1965
CH, RM QCH Hirondelle Todd of Arnel RM
Morningstar's Mystic of Arnel
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