Pedigree of:

PR Marcus Miriam
(F) Apr 2 2011, 0151-1725237, Blue-Cream Persian
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GC Divination Black Angel of Marcus
Black Persian
0108-1503484 v0805 May 1 2004
GC D'Eden Lover Zorro of Kuorii
Black Persian
0108-1401554 v0804 Jan 25 2002
GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii
Black Persian
0108-1106298 v1197 Jul 19 1996
GC Bolo's Rumor Hasit of Tehy
Tehy Pop Tart
Kuorii Moonlight Kiss of D'Eden Lover
Blue-White Persian
1107-1334692 v0702 Aug 2 2000
Kuorii Casper
DW Kuorii Sugar-Cube
D'Eden Lover A Little Over Zero of Divination
Blue-Cream Exotic
0151-1418739 v0804 Aug 30 2002
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
Blue Mackerel Tabby Persian
0152M-1412356 v1102 Apr 5 2001
Steeplechase Jiorgio
D'Eden Lover Ericka of Kuorii
D'Eden Lover Sam-Sarah
Red Persian
0111-1355671 v0702/LOOF 2001.3578 Apr 21 2001
Tehy Eternity of D'Eden Lover
Blue Dream Giulia Roberts
GC, NW Marcus Mrs Butterworth DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1478326 v0805 Jan 13 2004
GC, RW Marcus Night Hawk of Larpa
Black Persian
0108-1346328 v0902 Jul 31 2000
GC, NW Kissnhug Drakkar
Black Persian
0108-1233927 v1100 Oct 22 1998
GC Bolo's Fire & Ice of Kissnhug
Citnkboodles Shena of Kissnhug
GC, NW Marcus M'Donna DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1150994 v1298 Jun 29 1997
GC Quin-Jo Just Cause of Jadon DM
GC, RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM
GC Marcus Mrs. Poopsie DM
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1278130 v0201 Jul 26 1999
GC, RW Jolee's Dune of Boberan (Dalu) DM
Cream Persian
0114-0950103 v0296 Aug 1 1994
GC, RW Dalu Primetime
ACFA TGC Jolee's Eliza of Dalu
GC, RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM
Calico Persian
0149-0738449 v0893 Oct 15 1991
GC, BW, NW Jadon Geoffrey Beene DM
GC, RW Anz Maggie The Cat DM
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