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Marsamis Witches Brew of Yuppiecat
(F) Aug 4 1990, 0109-0670630 v0791, Black Persian
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GC, RW Katrina's Tallahassee of Katyiah (of Katra) DM
Black Persian
0108-0333418 v1187 Jun 18 1986
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
Black Persian
0108-0118465 v0483 / DEKZV RX 136427 May 17 1982
Bar-B Super Star of Edgewater (of Midas)
Red Persian
0110-0004933 v112 / DEKZV. Nr.:126320 May 20 1978
CH Flo-Sher Spellbound of Bar-B
Flo-Sher Chandra of Bar-B
GC Bar-B Shadow Dancer
Black Persian
0109-007809 v0481 / DEKZV 126321 May 12 1978
CH Flo-Sher Spellbound of Bar-B
GC, RW Bar-B Heavenly Blysse
GC, GP, RW Katrina's Love Letter DM
Black Persian
0109-0185715 v0685 Oct 8 1983
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
Black Persian
0108-0009752 v0781/ DEKZV 092495 May 11 1980
GC, NW Prim-Pet Yankee Doodle Dandy DM
CH Pegsden Periwinkle of Showum DM
GC Katrina's Scandal
Black Persian
0109-0008979 v0282 Mar 26 1980
Willow Glen Gatsby of Rookhaven
Katrina's Collage
Chez Mana Bouillabaisse
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0531731 v0890 Apr 19 1989
CH Bar-B Crevette of Chez Mana
Cream Persian
0114-0397993 v0589 Apr 8 1987
GC, NW Bar-B Bombs Away of Columbia
Blue Persian
0106-0221877 v0786/(D)DEKZV LO 135610 Jun 25 1984
GC, NW Bar-B T.N.T. DM
GC Bar-B Baugh Baugh Black Sheep
Shimea Sugar Pop of Bar-B
Cream Persian
0115-0238177 v0786 Aug 10 1984
GC, NW Bar-B T.N.T. DM
Mystichill Pop Tart of Shimea
CH Chez Mana Cassis
Black Persian
0109-0354571 v0388 Aug 31 1986
GC Bar-B Alexander Le Grande of Ja-Lan
Black Persian
0108-0093413 v0583 Jun 1 1981
CH Pushkin's Titian Flame of Bar-B
Bar-B Alexandra
Ja-Lan Cafe Noire of Chez Mana
Black Persian
GC Bar-B Alexander Le Grande of Ja-Lan
CH Pentacle's Intrigue of Ja-Lan
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