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Mibarben Lily of Katz Caprice
(F) Sep 16 2002, 3023-1432051 v0604, Lilac CPC
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CH Foxy Grape Fun! of Mibarben
Lilac CPC
3022-1381749 v1002 Aug 12 2001
CH Foxy LilacDotCom!
Lilac Point Himalayan
3274-1315576 v0901 Jul 20 2000
CH Foxy Lavender Blue of Gotabkitn
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-1275638 v0900 Aug 31 1999
CH Foxy Thunder Out-O-The Blue!
Degentilly Amethyst Kisses of Foxy
CH Foxy Sugar Plum! of Kingdomkatz
Lilac Point Himalayan
3275-1263154 v0900 May 28 1999
GC Homerkits Moosesloose of Foxy
CH Foxy Hey Toots! of Bigskycats
Foxy Fannie May!
Chocolate CPC
3021-1329071 v0901 Aug 25 2000
CH Foxy Midnight Special
Black CPC
3008-1045009 v0797 Dec 8 1995
GC Homerkits Moosesloose of Foxy
Foxy Sweetness
Degentilly Amethyst Kisses of Foxy
Lilac Point Himalayan
3275-916746 v0495 Jan 11 1994
GC Degentilly Plaisir D'Amour
Kariston's Tasha of Degentilly
Mibarben Sissy
Chocolate CPC
3021-1344181 v0401 May 19 1999
Mibarben Jersey
Chocolate & White CPC
Behimar Buggs Malone of Mibarben
Black CPC
3008-568518 v1290 Jun 12 1989
GC, RW Ronlyn Sultan of Jonkats
CH Behimar Mocha
Mibarben Sweet Sue
Black & White Van CPC

CH Mibarben Chocolate Mousse
Mibarben Dreamweaver
Mibarben Jelly Beans
Lilac Calico CPC
Mibarben Plum Crazy
Lilac & White Van CPC
CH Mibarben Chocolate Mousse
Mibarben Dreamweaver
Behimar Sugar Bear of Mibarben
Tortoiseshell CPC
3047-983121 Mar 5 1993
The Chocolate Kiss of Warjo
Snowdown Lady Love of Behimar
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