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UK CH Mistress Dianetta
(F) Jul 18 1932, GCCF 20967 SB #2151 v6, Colorbred Blue Persian
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UK CH Dion of Allington (born as "of Henley")
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 12711 SB #1073 v3&5 Jul 13 1926
UK CH Eros of Allington (of Callow)
Blue Persian
GCCF 10497 SB #722 v3 Sep 8 1924
Milord O'Mendip
Blue Persian
GCCF 6212 SB#115 v3 May 8 1919
Bimbo O'Mendip
Dignity of Delamere
Evadne of Allington
Blue Persian
GCCF 7270 SB#166 v2 Apr 25 1920
Ronnie of Hawkhurst
CH Joyous June of Henley
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 12051 SB#792 v3 Jun 7 1925
UK CH Gentleman of Henley
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 10391 SB#640, v3&5 / NCC 640 May 12 1923
UK CH Barry Bluejohn
Electra of Morfa
Frolic of Hadley/Henley
Blue Persian
GCCF 8031 Sep 19 1916
UK CH Azure of Hadley
Hepatica of Hyver
Little Ann of Bredon (AKA Little Ann)
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 19187 SB#1758 v5 Jun 13 1931
UK CH Mischief of Bredon
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 14303 SB# 1256 v4-5 Apr 29 1928
Cupid of Callow
Blue Persian
GCCF 12664 SB# 1072 v3-4 May 6 1926
UK CH Eros of Allington (of Callow)
Northway Singing Hinny
UK CH Dawn of Hope
Blue Persian
GCCF 13629 SB # 1281 v4 Jul 7 1927
UK CH Flick-A-Maroo
CH Gloria of Cherrington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 18800 SB# 1749 v5-6 Jun 7 1930
Dicky of Dunesk
Blue Persian
GCCF 14982(?15279) SB# 1245 v4 Aug 22 1928
UK CH Flick-A-Maroo
Meadowsweet of Dunesk
Kin O'Bimbo
Blue Persian
GCCF 15233 Aug 10 1928
Townfield Oojah
Susan of Chelmsford
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