Pedigree of:

GC Misty Mornin' Conquest DM
(M) May 23 1970, 0108-0003221 v103, Black Persian
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CH, GP Catalot's Quest of Shadowlane
Black Persian
0108-0001835 v102 Jul 31 1968
Gaylands Sean of Misty Mornin'
Cream Persian
0114-0000949 v98 May 27 1964
GC, NW Beamsley Sunshine of Gaylands
Cream Persian
0114-0000159 v92 / GCCF 72405 v12 Aug 7 1959
UK CH Beamsley Sunbeam of Gaylands
UK CH Barwell Psyche
CH Gaylands Coquette
Cream Persian
0115-0000378 v96 Mar 24 1962
GC, NW Beamsley Sunshine of Gaylands
CH Zildjian Ann Marie of Gaylands
GC Birch-Haven Pan-Z-Face of Catalot
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0001147 v99 Jun 13 1966
CH Birch-Haven Banner
Red Persian
0110-0000359 v97 May 1 1962
GC, ACFA DGC Larks-Purr Sunday Punch
CH Birch-Haven Precious
CH Nevah-Tep Lady B of Birch-Haven
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0000741 v97 Jun 28 1964
CH Ben-Mar Palmetto of Nevah-Tep
CH Birch-Haven Storm of Nevah-Tep
GC, NW Serbs Black Gold of Misty Mornin' COY
Black Persian
0109-0001254 v103 Sep 27 1966
CH Silva-Wyte Angus Silky of Serbs
Black Persian
0108-0001015 v98 May 30 1965
GC, NW Vel-Vene's Voo Doo of Silva-Wyte COY
Black Persian
94-SB-463 v87 Jul 2 1956
GC, NW Lavender Liberty Beau COY
CH Longhill's Black Velvet of Silva-Wyte
DCH Silva-Wyte Winter
C.E. White Persian
0103-0000811 v95 Aug 12 1962
CH Cashmere Laddie of Tally-Ho
CH Azulita Tatania of Silva-Wyte
CH Lori-Bee Samantha of Serbs
Black Persian
0109-0000946 v98 Jun 5 1963
GC, NW Azulita Paleface of Casa Cielo COY
C.E. White Persian
0102-0000137 v95/CFF/UCF SB 62250/ACA 46273 Jun 9 1959
GC, DGC Dixi-Land Queed of Azulita
GC NW,TGC,QCH Windibank Patti Kake of Azulita
CH Silver Mesa Miss Mary Lou
Black Persian
0109-0000620 v96 Jun 23 1963
CH, DCH Kitten-Kat Buddy Boy of Deifs
CH Silver Mesa Miss Barbara Kim
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