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Newages Blue Diamond
(M) , Blue Persian
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Johnorah Yeti of Newages
C.E. White Persian
0102-1426458 v0606 Sep 25 2002
GC, RW Scrimshaw Rowdy of Johnorah
Red Tabby Persian
0140-1325366 v1202 (orig. 0110-) Aug 6 2000
GC, RW Boberan's Shaq Attack of Scrimshaw
Black Persian
0108-1264038 v1100 Dec 19 1998
CH Blueskyeyes Falcon of Boberan DM
GC, RW Boberan's Love Attack DM
GC Agonistes Chaos of Scrimshaw
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1098058 v1299 Jul 7 1996
Cattrax Genuwin Remarque
Agonistes Tesian
Johnorah Babs
C.E. White Persian
0103-1111670 v1297 Jun 18 1996
Daalimo Pistol Pete of Stamarq (Johnorah)
Cream-White Persian
1114-0723656 v1092 May 2 1991
GC Daalimo Top Gun
CH Anz Optical Illusion of Daalimo
GC Framor's 1 From The Heart of Johnorah
C.E. White Persian
0103-0896495 v0397 Oct 13 1993
GC, NW Cattrax Avalanche of Framor
GC Framor's Beaujolais
CH Newages Saphire
Blue Persian

CH Vickits Samurai of Starlily
C.E. White Persian
0102-1019485 v1096 Jul 31 1995
Marsamis Designer Eyes of Crishon (Vickits)
C.E. White Persian
0102-0971490 v1195 May 2 1994
Chinois Dow Jones
CH Chez Mana Mignonne of Ebonez
GC Vickits Pantera of Young-Uns
Black Persian
0109-0923413 v1195 May 18 1994
GC Bal-Ros Mark IV of Barbeedoll (of Vickits)
Vickits Elantra
CH Zhao Carillon of Newages
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1406826 Jul 10 2001
GC Couronne Heart's On Fire of Zhao
Red Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1140M-1317406 v1101/(D)DEKZV 319973 Jun 10 2000
GC, RW Artemis Ted E. Bear of Couronne
CH Harwood Rio of Couronne
CH Chrishanna Guilty By Design
Black-White Persian
1109-1329052 v0202 Apr 21 2000
GC Boberan's Undaunted of Chrishanna (of Marcus)
CH, RW Chrishanna Bittersweet Symphony
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