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CH Nor-Mont Simone's Randy
(M) Jun 29 1957, 57-1351 v87, Cream Persian
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GC Nor-Mont Applause
Colorbred Blue Persian
87-SB-617 v83 Jan 27 1955
CH Dixi-Land Wycliffe Encore
Colorbred Blue Persian
39-SB-024 v39 Jul 12 1948
GC Dixi-Land Salute
Colorbred Blue Persian
20-SB-283 v22 Sep 22 1938
UK CH Benjamin of Westfield
CH Dixi-Land Wanda of Dunesk (Wanda of Dunesk)
Dixi-Land Periwinkle
Colorbred Blue Persian
26-SB-727 v28 Apr 22 1943
CH Barbe Bleue Ahoy of Laguna
Santa Maria of Khyber of Dixi-Land
GC, GP, NW West Allis Annette
Colorbred Blue Persian
43-SB-729 v43 /ACA 20429 v43 May 12 1949
GC Jubilee of Blulace of West Allis
Colorbred Blue Persian
31-SB-679 v32 / ACA 20428 v43 Sep 14 1946
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
Dixi-Land Sweet Mystery
Wycliffe Chu-Anne of West Allis
Colorbred Blue Persian
30-SB-578 v29-30-31 / ACA 20429, v43 Jul 12 1945
CH Laughton Lupin
CH Wimauma Chuette O'White Birch
CH Nor-Mont Simone
Blue-Cream Persian
61-SB-205 v61 Aug 26 1950
Nor-Mont Chauncey
Blue Persian
42-SB-926,v42 May 22 1949
CH Wycliffe Chelsie of Nor-Mont
Colorbred Blue Persian
30-SB-966 v31 Apr 17 1946
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
Santa Maria of Khyber of Dixi-Land
CH Transmere Lady Luck
Colorbred Blue Persian
34-SB-337 v34 Jul 25 1947
CH Pearl Harbor Ace
CH Hermscrest Chita
Nor-Mont Bisque Fluff of Calvert
Cream Persian
47-SB-271 v47 Sep 6 1949
CH Nor-Mont Beige Boy
Cream Persian
39-SB-291 v39 Nov 11 1947
Lavender Mischiefmaker
Rosedere Moon Lady
CH Nor-Mont Greta (of Calvert)
Cream Persian
35-SB-625 v35 May 1 1947
CH Duncanshire Victory of Wil-Jene
CH Nor-Mont Henrietta
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