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GC, GP, NW Panei's Whispurr Sweet Nothings
(M) Sep 7 2003, 7702-1475066, Copper-Eyed White Exotic
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GC Panei's Sweet Talking Guy
Copper-Eyed White Exotic
7702-1424631 v0204 Jun 5 2002
GC Grandaries Tuxedo Sam of Panei DM
Black & White Exotic
7808-1379719 v0802 May 30 2001
GC, DW Zoticats Buddy Love of Chun Lap DM
Red Tabby Exotic
7740-1226210 v1099 Jul 21 1998
GC, GP, NW Bryn Mawr Charlie Brown
GC, GP Lynges Flora Danica of Kelso
Joyville Angel Eyes of Grandaries
Black & White Van Persian
1309-1228619 v1099 Jul 24 1998
CH Joyville's Catnip of Wishstar
CH Joyville Earth Angel
Panei's Semi-Sweet
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0103-1404527 v0802 Apr 5 2001
GC Luckylady's Popeye of Panei
Red Tabby Persian
0140-887586 v0894 May 22 1993
GC Hankypankys Caught In The Crossfire
GC Luckylady's Dolly Be Good
CH Panei Sweet Dreams
Odd-Eyed White Persian
0105-1233405 v0899 May 22 1998
CH Panei's Moondrifter
CH Panei's Sweet Pea
GC Panei's Dominique DM
Copper-Eyed White Exotic
7703-1429354 v0204 Aug 15 2002
CH Panei's Moondrifter
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-754295 v0892 Apr 24 1991
GC Nak-O-Niche Moonshine of Cinema
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-500026 v0789 Mar 21 1988
Ky-Ro's Chippendale of Panei
Nak-O-Niche Pandora
CH Panei's Cotton Candy
Blue-Eyed White Persian
0101-408814 v0888 Jun 24 1987
GC Panei's Pacific Sunset
CH Daneva's Tiny Bubbles of Panei
CH Grandaries Glitter & Be Gay
Red Tabby Exotic
7741-1234477 v0400 Jan 25 1999
Corsica's Bonzo
Cream Tabby Exotic
7754-1050134 v0496 Jun 14 1995
GC Derrboux Lil Bit A Magic of Maloron
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-947162 v0296 Apr 15 1994
GC Luckylady's Popeye of Panei
CH Derrboux Natacha of Panei DM
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