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GC Parti Wai Jazzman of Kissables
(M) Jul 1 2002, 1106-1469142 v0604, Blue-White Persian
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GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai DM
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1263161 v1100 May 24 1999
CH, ACFA GC Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn of Hankypankys
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1068775 v0998 May 1 1996
GC Bolo's Pearl Jam of Hankypankys (of Fagervoll
Red-White Persian
1110-0875534 v0295 /(D)DEKZV 268397 Jul 9 1993
GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo
Bolo's Twiggie DM
CH Lamettas Jellybean of Purdy Katz
Red Tabby Persian
0141-1008074 v0896 Apr 25 1995
Ohmahart's Cherr A Kee of Lametia's
CH Bolo's Bit O Honey of Radon (Lamettas)
Granddelight Amber of Magratheas (Vanillas)
Cream-White Van Persian
1315-1126902 v0898 Feb 26 1997
GC Furfrenz Chaucer of Granddelight(Fancee That)
Cream-White Persian
1114-0865946 v1194 Apr 11 1993
GC Anz Heavy Hitter of Furfrenz (of Royal Lace)
GC, RW Furfrenz Catch A Falling Star DM
GC Bolo's Amanda of Granddelight
Calico Persian
0149-0966288 v0596 Oct 17 1994
GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo
Bolo's Pixie
GC Parti Wai Grace DM
Black-White Van Persian
1309-1341617 v0402 Oct 5 2000
CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai DM
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-1027578 v0197 May 1 1995
GC Frenchcats Anzestry
Blue-White Persian
1106-0576921 v1194 Sep 27 1989
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC Masnpas Blackberry Blossom
CH Anz La Marquise de Frenchcats
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0720969 v0792 Apr 20 1991
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC, RW Myshadows Miss Markie of Anz DM
GC, GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet DM
Calico Van Persian
1183-1202036 v0799 Apr 12 1998
GC, RW Oresta Critic Choice of Parti Wai
Blue-White Persian
1106-1059377 v0698 Feb 29 1996
Bolo's Scooter John of Sheranne (Oresta)
Oresta's Cookie of Parti Wai (of Kissables)
CH Colesco's Southern Belle of Parti Wai(PartiTo
Red-White Persian
1111-1079058 v1297 May 26 1996
GC Colesco Southern Exposure of Eloc
CH Colesco's Hollywood Starlette
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