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Perdcats Peaches & Cream
(F) Apr 21 1999, 3297-1260260 v0700, Cream Point Himalayan
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CH, GP Rainyday Loony Tune of Loralyn
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-1080401 v0198 May 15 1996
GC Stumar's Goin' To Extremes
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-880678 v1194 Aug 1 1993
CH Stumar's Gentle Ben
3010-794438 v0793 Apr 18 1992
Sulltans Short Stop of Stumar
CH South Paw Pumpkin of Sweetcheeks
GC Stumar's Confetti
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-613306 v1091 Mar 24 1990
GC Stumar's Red Hot
Heatheridge Blue Chip of Stumar
CH Thesaurus Silly Tilly of Rainyday
Blue-Cream CPC
3051-578413 Dec 29 1988
Thesaurus' Crescendo
Blue Point Himalayan
0176-139498 v1183 Oct 15 1982
CH Westpoint Brigadier of Thesaurus DM
Thesaurus Off Beat
Jovan Dizzy Lizzy
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-312925 v1189 Jul 6 1985
GC Jovan Rich And Famous of Thesaurus
Jovan Ace
CH Kittystone's Summer Romance
Flame Point Himalayan
3279-1097186 v1297 Aug 27 1996
GC Kittystone's Rocky
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-1031959 v1096 Jul 3 1995
GC, GP Thesaurus Calvin Klean of Rainyday
3010-596009 v1090 Jul 17 1989
CH Thesaurus Flame-Boy-Ant
GC Riverbend's Pati of Mystes
CH Kittystone's Pebbles
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-731072 v0293 Jun 11 1991
CH Kittystone's Blue Chip
CH Kittystone's Ju Ju
CH Furkids Poetry of Kittystone
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-923834 Apr 4 1994
CH Fullmoon's Eclipse of Furkids
Black CPC
3008-794437 v0693 Mar 1 1992
CH Fullmoon's Heartache
CH Twinshire Its Abits of Fullmoon
Furkids Sundaes Best
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-794298 v0993 Jun 8 1992
Sulltans Short Stop of Stumar
CH Stumar Hot Fudge Sundae of Furkids
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