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Platinumx Whiskey of Arcobaleno
(M) Dec 29 2016, 1142-2614851, Brown Tabby-White Persian
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Scandal Cats Panda
Black-White Persian
1108-2123401 Mar 2 2015
GC, RW Scandal Cats Maui Jim
Blue-White Persian
1106-1773719 v0814 Jan 2 2013
Chancery Parti-On of Scandal Cats
Cream-White Persian
1114-1746158 v1012 Jul 30 2010
Parti Wai Make My Day of Bella Mia(Chancery)
Chancery's Hula Hoops
GC Pur-Snickity Harlow
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1690332 v0413 Jan 16 2010
GC Last Call's On The Rocks
CH Pur-Snickity Charmed One! Prue
Patlen Cherry Bomb of Scandal Cats
Calico Persian
0149-2027179 v0515 Apr 4 2014
CH Scandal Cats Mr. Sandman
Cream-White Persian
1114-1761775 v0414 Apr 11 2012
GC Last Call's On The Rocks
Patlen Goldie Hawn of Scandal Cats
Marshcove Jar-Of-Hearts of Panei
Calico Persian
0149-1729590 v0113 Jun 15 2011
GC Patlen Fools Gold of Bella Mia (Parti Wai)
Castingcrown Play Time of Marshcove
Wasillia Maizy
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1187-2388537 Oct 5 2015
GC Parti Wai Bugatti of Wasillia
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1142-1739278 v0213 May 10 2011
GC Parti Wai Bentley
Black-White Van Persian
1108-1572017 v0808 Apr 19 2006
GC Artemis Rumor (of Parti Wai)
CH Parti Wai Cookie Face DM
CH Parti Wai Medea
Blue Tabby-White Persian
1157-1676203 v0910 Jun 20 2009
GC Day Oh Wish Upon aStar of Elegian(Milord,P-W) DM
GC, RW Parti Wai Emmanuelle
CH Wasillia Back To Brooklyn
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1187-2027040 Mar 17 2014
GC, RW Katzenfur Kodiak Blue's of Wasillia
Blue Tabby-White Persian
1156-1657629 v0910 Sep 14 2008
GC, RW Katzenfur Bo Didley
CH Day Oh Tangl'd N Tinsel of Katzenfur(Perhaven DM
CH Kissables Sweet Willa of Wasillia
Calico Persian
0149-1669094 v0910 Apr 1 2009
GC, RW Rhamjoge Nash of Hoobee DM
Divinity's Last Kiss of Kissables
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