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Pleskava Nussetty
(F) Jul 2 2015, 7799- / TICA SBV 070215 053, Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
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Pleskava Batman
Black Exotic
TICA SBV 042514 002 Apr 25 2014
Amberdreams Black Magic
Black-White Persian
1108-1780710 Jun 4 2013
CH True Star's Way To Love
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1142-1765264 v0713 May 8 2012
CH, IC Divination Caruso of True Star JW
Black Persian
0108-1615328 v1208/(PT)CPF LO 012958 Jul 23 2007
Candirand's Charlie Brown of D'Eden Lover
D'Eden Lover Star Shine of Divination
True Star's Tears In Heaven of La*Murr
Blue Patched Tabby-White Persian
1189-1722154 Jan 15 2011
CH, GIC Jubileum's Frodo
Kissables Wild & Delicious
GC Ocalicos Truffles of Amberdreams
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1143-1600138 Mar 20 2007
GC, RW Brannaway Hansen of Ocalicos DM
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Van Persian
1124-1428920 v0804 Sep 28 2002
GC, BW, NW Wishstar Triumph DM
GC, RW Brannaway Aurora of Cacao DM
GC Ocalicos Trio
Calico Persian
0149-1477095 1007 Feb 2 2004
GC, RW Fabuls Chippendale Dancer of Sha-Sume(Ocalico
GC, RW Fabuls Toot Your Own Horn
Pleskava Vishenka (Plushcat Vishenka)
Blue Patched Tabby-White Exotic
7987-1738188 / TICA SBV 082811 030
Vita-Nova Napoleon of Pleskava
Blue Tabby-White Exotic LH
7798-1725089 v0112 / TICA SBV 051710 077 May 17 2010
GC Cotn Hill Time Will Tell of Vita-Nova
Blue Tabby-White Van Exotic
7992-1635009 v0909 Dec 16 2007
GC Cotn Hill Rise'N Shine
GC Desmin Dixie Summer of Cotn Hill (Heida) DM
Nattaja Valetta of Vita-Nova
Dilute Calico Van Exotic
7719-1582044 v0907/SBV 060607 075 Oct 23 2005
GC Heida Let The Good Times Roll of Nattaja
Kissables All About Eve of Catica (Nattaja)
CH Rogneda Rada
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
7787-1722360 Sep 2 2010
Single Magnum of Rogneda
Red-White Persian
1110-1661704 v0510 Aug 20 2008
CH Candirand's The Real Deal of DClass(Single)
CH Single Dancing Queen
Demanch Matilda of Rogneda
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1630141 v0510 Dec 5 2007
CH Big Shot Richard of Demanch
CH Demanch Jasmine
Al Karia Tiffany of Pleskava
Calico Persian
0149-1570384 Aug 25 2005
EC Belamy's Trilby of Al Karia
Blue-White Persian
1106-1411483 / PEC 1A-0698-039 Jun 21 1998
Belamy's Glenn
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-1176500 v0898 / KVL 96-262-0723-4 Aug 2 1996
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Blue-White Van Persian
1180-0800058v0694/SVERAK LO131888/DEKZV229818 Jun 19 1992
GC, RW Vickits Mirage
CH Jonala Blue Angel of Vickits DM
GC Beauetchere Chanel of Bocasana
Blue-White Persian
1107-0785504/SVERAK LO 119904/DEKZV LO 253549 May 11 1992
GC, RW Anz Lover-Boy of Beauetchere
CH Beauetchere Cocao-Puff
Florentino's Surprise Party
Blue-White Persian
1107-1173948/05006277 SDRV/(D)DEKZV 237843 May 5 1995
GC, GIC Tyland Midnight Magic of Florentino's
Black Persian
0108-0645580 v1194 May 7 1990
CH Keeperkit King Tut of Tyland
Keeperkit Fiesta Flambeau of Tyland
CH Mashala Diamonds Forever
Calico Persian
0149-0889384 Jun 10 1993
CH McHy Formal Fred of Mashala
GC Mashala Bit O' Diamonds
CH Al Karia Kohinoor
Calico Persian
0149-1558276 v0306/U-RVDE 01043792 May 15 2003
CH Cambell's Star Trekker of Bicocats
Black-White Persian
0054-1529827 Apr 23 2000
Schahresa Tennessee
Cream-White Persian
1114-1204092 Jul 3 1998
Vickits Altima of Schahresa
Vickits Gazelle of Schahresa
Romantica of Kasandras Family
Calico Persian
GDK 1150997-1
CH El'Abisai's Made In Heaven
D-Mes Cheri Trish DM (FIFe)
CH Al Karia Florabella
Cream-White Persian
WACC reg.No: 01023357 Sep 26 2000
GIC Gismo von Happiness
Cream-White Persian
Zb.Nr.: DRV 040626-LH Bd.XX Apr 26 1998
CH Janky van Behejo's
Sweet Delight von la Carouche
IC Amenity's Little Bit of Al Karia
Calico Persian
DEKZV 01035164 Jul 14 1999
IC Tehy My Precious Joss of El Sahibs(Brettonpar
UB-2B For The Boys
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