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GC, RW Pointaview's Keeper-Of-My Heart
(M) May 30 1996, 3278-1085864 v0897, Flame Point Himalayan
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GC Peaceful Paws Walkin The Line
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3252-922968 v0695 Apr 13 1994
GC, RW Sandilair's Walkin' In High Cotton
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-656285 v0392 Aug 1 1990
GC Sandilair's Just A Mere Mirage
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-417730 v0988 May 18 1987
GC Sandilair's Misty Morning Mirage
CH Eclipse Charisma of Sandilair
CH Purringwood's Embers 'N Ashes
Tortoiseshell CPC
3047-567818 v1190 Dec 23 1988
GC, PR Purringwood's Escort Service
Purringwood's Dusty Rose
GC Peaceful Paws Pipeline DM
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3253-723952 v1192 May 24 1991
Peaceful Paws Top Of The Line
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
3256-634150 v0991 May 8 1990
GC Peaceful Paws The Good Times Roll
DeMiara Fineline of Peaceful Paws
Peaceful Paws Plain Jane
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-429434 v0990 Aug 29 1997
CH Abadele Hug Me Squeeze Me of Lantara
GC Myshadows Luseal of Peaceful Paws
GC Pointaview's Worth The Wait DM
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-996020 v1096 Mar 9 1995
GC Himmagic Quintessence of Pointaview
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-871498 v0795 Jun 26 1993
CH Jewelee Quinn of Himmagic
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-595898 v0490 Apr 15 1989
CH Heavensent Quincy of Jewelee
Heavensent Cherish of Jewelee
Jewelee Melody Demure of Himmagic
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-766409 v0393 Apr 19 1991
Heavensent Kid Galahad of Jewelee
Heavensent Harmony of Jewelee
Pointaview Hotnspicey
3011-973913 v0795 Dec 29 1993
GC Madame Nu's ESP
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-606316 v1191 Sep 11 1989
GC Featherstone A Little Extra
GC Madame Nu's Sheer Illusion
Madame Nu's Trivia of Pointaview
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-652966 v0193 Aug 8 1989
Attraction's Viceroy of Madame Nu
GC Jovan Buckwheat of Madame Nu
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