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Priscilla of Pensford
(F) Oct 6 1954, GCCF 72901 SB# 5634 v13, Blue-Cream Persian
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UK CH Foxburrow Frivolous
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 62434 SB#4486 v11 &14 Jul 15 1952
UK CH Dylan of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 48934 v10-11 Jul 24 1949
UK CH Southway Crusader
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 36489 SB# 3330 v9 / 57-SB-156 v57 May 11 1945
UK CH Dickon of Allington
Southway Whiz
UK CH Mair of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 39120 SB#3394 v11 Jun 18 1946
UK CH Deebank Michael
UK CH V.E. Day of Allington
Herries Helga
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 48092 v11 Aug 5 1948
Moonraker of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 35341 SB# 3313 v9-11 Jun 25 1944
UK CH Dickon of Allington
Trelawney Moonbeam
Glenshee Felicity
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 39042 v9 May 17 1946
Gathorne Gremlin
Fay of Pensford
Anchor Felicity
Cream Persian
GCCF 52698 SB# 5555 v13 May 12 1950
Optimist of Sunfield
Cream Persian
GCCF 37707 Oct 7 1945
Timothy of Shatterway
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 28979 v9 Jun 10 1937
Mischief Maker of Henley
Ferndale Trixie
Katcha of Sunfield
Blue-Cream Persian
Hendon Blue Robin
Inga of Sunfield
Sundorne Brandysnap
Cream Persian
GCCF 41895 May 17 1948
Pelham Puffball
Cream Persian
GCCF 35162 #3442 v9-10-11 Jun 19 1944
UK CH Widdington Warden
Pelham Hazel
Lady Langham
Cream Persian
Summer Glory
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