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CH Purrpals California Style
(M) Aug 2 1996, 3296-1101752 v0898, Cream Point Himalayan
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CH Purrpals Playboy
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-989168 v0796 Nov 5 1994
CH Purrpals Thunder Cloud
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-895342 v0295 Jul 23 1993
CH Fullmoon's Cloud Nine of Purrpals
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-640533 v0692 Jun 13 1990
GC, RW Fullmoon's Once In A Blue Moon
CH Twinshire Its Abits of Fullmoon
CH Kisicats R. Lauren of Famous
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-629060 v0491 Mar 9 1990
GC Kisicats Figment O' Our Imagination DM
CH, PR DeMiara Pristine DM
GC Sulltans Scarlet Woman of Purrpals
Red McTabby CPC
3041M-559285 v0891 Jul 10 1989
GC, BW, RW Sulltans Short Circuit DM
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-331097 v1088 Jun 11 1986
GC Sulltans Silk Pajamas of Kariston
GC, GP, RW Caranet's Seashell of Sulltans
CH Sulltans Scarlet Letter DM
Red Tabby CPC
3041-469323 v0989 Jun 8 1988
GC Sulltans Sheer Magic
Sulltans September Song
GC Purrpals California Poppy
Flame Point Himalayan
3279-950361 v0796 Jul 4 1994
CH Famous Flaming Stardust
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-871492 v0994 Mar 30 1993
CH Fullmoon Wild Blue Yonder of Famous
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-554168 v0791 Apr 18 1989
GC Frenchcreek Abit Above of Twinshire
CH Khaszar's I Lova Parade of Fullmoon
CH, GP Famous Innocent Rose DM
Flame Point Himalayan
3279-708345 Feb 19 1991
CH Jolee's Cupid Showman of Famous
CH Jolee's Valentina of Famous
CH Purrpals Ritzy's Bitsy
Blue-Cream CPC
3051-853942 v0994 Mar 7 1993
GC Kitili Grass Raker
Cream CPC
3014-498222 v0591 Sep 8 1988
GC, BW, NW Khaszar's Tommie-B-Good
CH Ronlyn Roxanne of Kitili
GC, RW Twinshire's Ritz Bits of Purrpals
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-548530 May 25 1989
GC Frenchcreek Abit Above of Twinshire
CH Snappy Glo of Twinshire
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