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CH Purrsachi's Fruitcake of Crysalis (Ezluvin)
(F) Mar 9 2003, 0147-1456875, Tortoiseshell Persian
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Ezluvin Blockbuster of Purrsachi
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1297173 Dec 28 1999
CH Chantilylace John 3:16 of Ezluvin
Black-White Van Persian
1308-1194503 v0499 Mar 9 1998
GC Ezluvin Dakota Joe of Kimkrist (Chantilylace)
CH Shadowplay's Bluzy-Q of Chantilylace
CH, PR Polcann Topanga of Superiorcatz ( Ezluvin)
Cream Persian
0115-1028505 v0897 Aug 20 1995
GC Polcann Freito-Bandito of Prestega
Kitihaven's Sugar-N-Spice of Polcann
Purrsachi Delicate Lily
C.E. White Persian
0103-1298209 v0703 Feb 19 2000
Sirheatherly Reyford's Hero
C.E. White Persian
0102-1068465 v0796 Jun 1 1994
CH Penhill Sno'Man Reyford
CH Windpegs Part'n My Dolly
Ezluvin Chantillacye's Molly of Purrsachi
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-1070666 v0896 Mar 2 1994
CH Ezluvin Snow Prince of Chantilylace
Ezluvin Brittany of Pts.of Grace (Chantilylac
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