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PR Rags 2 Richs Starter Kit DM
(F) May 16 2000, 3257-1319537 v0102, Blue Lynx Point Persian
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CH Kitty Charm Periwinkle
Blue Lynx Point Persian
3256-1211975 v0900 Jun 20 1998
CH Playwickey Blue Teddy
Blue Tabby CPC Persian
3052-0913122 v0795 Apr 3 1994
GC Demiara's Sweet Talk of Playwickey
Seal Point Persian
3272-0776505 v0693 Mar 10 1992
GC Demiara's Cosmos DM
Blue Point Persian
3276-0359707 v0188 Oct 20 1986
CH Demiara's Delphinium
GC Bambisplace Miss Muffet of Demiara DM
CH Ms Pea Ivy of Demiara DM
Tortie Point Persian
3293-0315497 v0187 Sep 15 1985
CH Kisicats Caper of Demiara
Demiara's Tigerlily
CH Polcann Bit O'Spice of Nanc-C(Playwickey)
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-0844253 v0594 Feb 9 1993
GC, RW Polcann Rocky-Rider
Black Persian
0108-0664931 v0892 Oct 20 1990
CH Pironti C-C Rider of Polcann
Ziegfeld Roxy of Polcann (of Memry) DM
Dearborn My Blue Angel of Polcann
Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby Persian
0153M-0755108 v0892 Sep 7 1991
GC Dearborn Sonbeam
Whitthaven Bit O' Honey DM
CH Kitty Charm My Blue Toy
Blue Point Persian
3277-1102448 v0797 May 25 1996
GC, RW Playwickey Pharaoh of Kitty Charm
Seal Point Persian
3272-0948671 v0596 Sep 14 1994
GC, RW Sandilair's Walkin' In High Cotton
Seal Point Persian
3272-0656285 v0392 Aug 1 1990
GC Sandilair's Just A Mere Mirage
CH Purringwood's Embers 'N Ashes
CH Playwickey Bonniebell
Blue Point Persian
3277-0850002 v1194 May 11 1993
GC Demiara's Sweet Talk of Playwickey
CH, GP Myshadows Dilly of Playwickey
GC Kitty Charm Tinker Toy
Blue-Cream Point Persian
3289-0906661 v0795 Jan 3 1994
CH Prancenpaws All Points Bulletin
Cream Point Persian
3296-0772786 v0394 Jan 25 1992
GC, GP, BW Prancenpaws Maxi-Shot
GC Lotsapurr Rose Royce of Prancenpaws
GC, RW Starpoint's My Toy of Kitty Charm
Seal Point Persian
3273-0751358 v0992 Apr 26 1991
GC, RW Jolee's Jazz Man of ToMoRow (Starpoint)
Jolee's Toy of ToMoRow (Starpoint)
Jennifer of Rags 2 Richs
Blue Patched Tabby CPC Persian
3089-1248138 v0900 Aug 19 1997
CH Oakheaven's Bottom Line
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-1073205 v1297 May 7 1996
GC, NW Oakheaven's Hook Line N Sinker
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-0990809 v0896 Mar 4 1995
GC Oakheaven's My Ship Came In
Brown Tabby CPC Persian
3044-0885126 v1294 Aug 1 1993
GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships DM
GC, GP, NW Oakheaven's Pretty Woman
GC Purringwood's Born To Please
Seal Point Persian
3273-0848761 v0894 Mar 6 1993
GC Purringwood's Sir To Please
CH Purringwood's Embers 'N Ashes
GC, RW Oakheaven's First Line of Brigantina
Tortie Lynx Point Persian
3247-0955430 v0296 Aug 15 1994
GC Oakheaven's My Ship Came In
Brown Tabby CPC Persian
3044-0885126 v1294 Aug 1 1993
GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships DM
GC, GP, NW Oakheaven's Pretty Woman
CH Oakheaven's Cotton Blend
Tortie Point Persian
3293-0872232 v1294 Jul 10 1993
CH Oakheaven's Pooh
GC Sandilair's Cotton Pickin' Kit-N
Catley Crue's JJs Snuggle With Me
Blue-Cream Smoke Persian
CH Catley Crue's I'm A Girl Watcher
Cream Point Persian
3296-0786959 v0894 Apr 18 1992
CH Copykittens Red Hot Tamali
Red CPC Persian
3010-0680213 v0392 Mar 21 1990
Desiderata's Riunite of Twinrohdes
CH Copykittens Rosie Robin
Catley Crue's Flopsy Mopsy
Tortie Point Persian
3293-0773654 v0892 Jan 15 1991
Sandypaws I Love Country Music
Catley Crue's Chi Chi Lacream
Catley Crue's Spider Monkey
Black Smoke Persian
0135-0873210 Jun 25 1991
Marmondy's Alydar of Catley Crue
Black Persian
0108-0583222 v1290 Jul 22 1989
GC Harwood Panzer of Myshara
CH Marmondy Aviva
Lil'Baby Face Duchess
O.E. White Persian
Jun 15 1990
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