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Real World Diva
(F) Apr 11 1998, 0111-1195959 v1099, Red Persian
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Johnorah Wiseguy of Real World
Red Persian
0110-0935082 v1096 May 1 1994
Daalimo Pistol Pete of Stamarq (Johnorah)
Cream-White Persian
1114-0723656 v1092 May 2 1991
GC Daalimo Top Gun
Black-White Persian
1108-0612292 v0591 Feb 16 1990
CH Ronlyn Starbuck of Daalimo (of Pdees)
GC Anz Miss Peepers of Aegaeon (of Daalimo)
CH Anz Optical Illusion of Daalimo
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0499672 v0390 Aug 26 1988
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC, RW Myshadows Miss Markie of Anz DM
Copacats Crushette of Johnorah
Red Persian
0111-0759801 v0994 Oct 8 1991
GC Copacats Nureyev
Cream-White Persian
1114-0633460 v0791 Jun 12 1990
CH Copacats Misha
CH Copacats Charisse
GC Copacats Gypsy Rose
Calico Persian
0149-0523953 v1291 Feb 7 1989
GC Copacats Valentino
CH Copacats Ginger
Q-T Cats Velveeta of Real World
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1090944 v1297 Jun 10 1996
GC, NW Kitjim's Bittersweet Harvest
Black Persian
0108-0714558 v0793 Apr 25 1991
GC, GP Q-T Cats Precious Cargo of Shophar(Kitjim)
Blue Persian
0106-0599939 v0791 Nov 7 1989
GC, NW D-Jon Diamond Chip of Q-T Cats
GC Q-T Cats Tara DM
CH Tolaramys Autumn of Kitjim
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0586707 v0891 May 15 1989
GC Tolaramys Cheko Buddy of Sharick
Ziegfeld Flamette of Wildcedar
GC, NW Q-T Cats Ashley of Chinois
Cream Persian
0115-0788947 v1293 May 18 1992
GC, BW, NW Q-T Cats Danny Boy
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0506020 v0690 Sep 8 1988
GC, NW, PR Q-T Cats Bobby B of Chinois
CH SW '01 S* Seapearls High Q of Mystichill (of Q-T Cats)
GC, GP, NW Q-T Cats O'Susannah DM
Cream Persian
0115-0599938 v0591 Nov 7 1989
GC, NW D-Jon Diamond Chip of Q-T Cats
GC Q-T Cats Tara DM
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