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UK CH Red Leader
(M) Apr 24 1921, GCCF 7201 SB#232 v2-5, Red Tabby Persian
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UK CH Swinton Dinna Forget
Red Tabby Persian
GCCF SB#234 v2 Mar 29 1920
UK CH John Barleycorn
Cream Persian
GCCF SB#300 v2 Apr 4 1919
Sire of John Barleycorn unknown
Dam of John Barleycorn unknown
Swinton Dinorah
Tortoiseshell Persian
GCCF SB#283 v2 Jun 30 1921
Swinton Red Herald
Swinton Dainty Dancer
Leading Lady
Tortoiseshell Persian
GCCF 7054 SB#278 v2 Apr 30 1918
Hampstead Red Sand
Red Persian
GCCF v1 Suppl Jun 30 1913
Hampstead Red Lion
UK CH Holme Model Maid
Tortoiseshell Persian
GCCF SB#276 v2 Apr 20 1916
Garboldisham Glow-Worm
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