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Rimer Royals Dash of Lil Fox
(M) May 22 2014, 7598-2049111, Blue-White CPC Exotic LH
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GC Ceylon's Ready Or Not Here Eye Come
B.E. Cream-White Van CPC Persian
3114-1612194 v1108 Aug 30 2007
CH Rivikats Made To Order of Ceylon
Lilac-White Persian
3174-1576466 v0107 Sep 27 2005
Havellandcat's Chocolate Eclair (of Rivikats)
Chocolate-White Persian
3170-1527059 v0706/Zb.Nr.:3170-20100402084 Oct 20 2004
Tracylooe Abracadabra
IC Havellandcat's Finia
Rivikats Colorina
Lilac-Cream Persian
3097-1527058 v0706/SBT 081104 067 Aug 11 2004
Rivikats Caramelo
Fur Pleasure's Aunt Beru Lars
Ceylon's Make Me Blush
Red-White Van Persian
3111-1607153 v0907 Aug 1 2006
Ceylon's Grand Illusion
Red-White CPC Persian
3110-1565046 v0906 Sep 12 2005
CH Kissmyface Gucci of Ceylon
Purz N Pawz Jasmine of Ceylon
Bellisa's Minnie Clu of Ceylon
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1535685 v0107 Jun 12 2004
CH Kissables Toohottohandle of Bellisa
CH Bellisa's Lucille McGillacudy
CH Rimer Royals Caramello Electra
Chocolate Calico Exotic
7591-1746128 v0913 Feb 13 2012
Silver Palm Cassius of Lapeyrouse(Rimer Royal
Chocolate Exotic
7520-1706699 v0412 May 1 2010
Show Felines Hershey Kisses
Chocolate Persian
3020-1629752 v0909 Jan 14 2008
CH Chamagoura Purple Que of Show Felines
Show Felines Tofee
CH Silver Palm Reeses
Chocolate Point Exotic
7671-1649741 v0710 Jul 10 2008
Katbor-Kis Yakudza
Katbor-Kis Vanessa of Silver Palm
Rimer Royals Veruca's Golden Ticket
O.E. Lilac Calico Exotic LH
7599-1716241 v0412 Nov 21 2010
By Dezign My Hondo
Silver Tabby-White CPC Exotic
7392-1709334 v0211 Sep 21 2009
CH By Dezign Diesel of Pinkatz
Ceylon's Mist In Sahyadri
Caleb-Cats Java Confetti
Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persian
3059-1675966 v0211 May 10 2009
CH Tuckerpaws Shylo of Caleb-Cats
CH Caleb-Cats Hugs-N-Kisses
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