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UK CH Romaldkirk Midshipmite
(M) , USR 7/NCC 3111 v6-7/CCR v1, Cream Persian
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Romaldkirk Laddie
Blue Persian
USR 10/NCC 1952 v3/CCR v1
CH Turkish Delight
Blue Persian
NCC 1644 /CCR v1/imported/no S&D
Unknown Sire of Turkish Delight

Unknown Dam of Turkish Delight

Pearl (ncc 1061)
Silver Tabby Persian
NCC 1061 v1
Blue Smoke Persian
NCC 1035 v1
NCC CH Perso (aka: Purison)
Blue Smoke Persian
No sire given for Perso

No dam given for Perso

Vesta (Mrs. Sheerman)

Blue Smoke Persian
BCC / NCC 928 v1
Silver Laddie (Mrs Balding)
Chinchilla Silver Persian
NCC 928 - S&D Not Given
Sire of Mrs Balding's Silver Laddie not given

Dam of Mrs Balding's Silver Laddie not given

Dam of Phiz not given

Romaldkirk Fluffie
Blue-Cream Persian
NCC 1955 v3/USR 284/CCR v1
Blue Persian
Orange Persian
NCC 2309 SB#112a v6-7/CCR v1
Rufus (S: Jael, ncc 2309)
Red Persian
Minnie (d: Jael) - Mr. Hutchinson, Owr.
Black Persian
NCC 1135 v1 p31
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