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CH Ru-Ru Ruffles
(M) Aug 9 1968, 0102-0002466 v103, C.E. White Persian
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CH Mil-War's Kerry of Starfire
C.E. White Persian
0102-0000682 v96 Aug 6 1963
Blu-Acre Blu Sambo of Mil-War
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0000615 v91 Aug 23 1960
CH Jamie of Blu-Acre
Colorbred Blue Persian
74-SB-782 v74 Apr 25 1953
CH Khyber's Kenny of Kansas City
Kansas City Suzy
Blu-Acre Tagalong
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0000668 v89 /P12-S60-1762 Jun 28 1959
GC Blue Ridge Twinkie III of Blu-Acre
Ju-Lee of Blu-Acre
CH Mil-War's Bright Starlet
C.E. White Persian
0103-0000309 v93 May 27 1960
CH Mil-War's Tim-Tam
C.E. White Persian
0102-0000138 v88 Feb 2 1958
CH Madeira Aristocrat
CH Longhill's Sincerity
CH Mil-War's Bright Starr
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0000131 v88 Jul 16 1958
Herondale Heritage of Mil-War
CH Mil-War's Cream Puff
CH Madame Fuji of Kayline
B.E. White Persian
0101-0001686 v100 Jul 4 1966
CH B-Sharp's Wanderin' Star
Cream Persian
0114-000620 v96 Jun 1 1963
CH Castilia Cavalier of Robsway
Cream Persian
0114-0000032 v88 Sep 14 1958
GC,CFF QCH,TCH Longhill's Michael II of Castilia
CH Silver Moth Mrs. O'Grady
CH B-Sharp's Polka Meow
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0000487 v95 Apr 2 1962
B-Sharp's Blu Snowman
B-Sharp's Petite Ballerina
B-Sharp's Katie
C.E. White Persian
0103-0001482-3 v98 Mar 17 1965
CH Larks-Purr Yodler of B-Sharp
O.E. White Persian
0104-0000163 v97 May 9 1963
GC, ACFA DGC Larks-Purr Sunday Punch
CH Larks-Purr Merri Mint
B-Sharp's Love Song
Blue Persian
95-FR-853 v88 Jun 10 1956
CH Tenbara Black Night of B-Sharp
Kute Kit Bit of Black of Mayfair
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