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CH Sandy Glenn's Spanish Sunrise
(F) Jul 1 1980, 0141M-0002829 v0683, Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
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GC Chatalain El Toro of Sandy Glenn
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
0140M-0002138 v110 Jun 3 1974
CH Chatalain Polaris of Shavano
Blue Persian
0106-0005137 v104 May 28 1969
CH Chatalain Ryan
Cream Persian
0114-0001750 v101 Jun 3 1967
CH Stonybrook Lenus of Chatalain
CH An-Ju Amber
GC, GP, NW Chatalain Nepeta
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0001733 v102 Sep 15 1966
CH Chatalain Boo
CH An-Ju Amber
GC James' Catinet Rosy of Chatalain
Red Persian
0111-0001791 v105 Apr 24 1972
CH, GP, RW Chat D'Amour Omar of Ispahan
Red Persian
0110-0000968 v102 Jun 26 1967
CH, QCH Citeroni Royal of Chat D'Amour (of R. Jaye)
Chat D'Amour Mlle. Chanel
James' Catinet O.J.
Red Persian
0111-0001120 v102 May 13 1969
CH, CFF CH Ken-Dee's Red Wrangler of James' Catinet
CH Purr-Mor Ginger of James' Catinet
CH Misean's Dawn of Kaleidocat
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0006507 v108 Apr 30 1975
CH Sharick's Black Ivory of Misean
Black Persian
0108-0003032 v104/ACFA P13-S71-1443 Oct 12 1970
GC Silva-Wyte Impression
Black Persian
0108-0002113 v102 Dec 29 1968
GC Silva-Wyte Jack-A-Napes of J.B.
CH JB Arpel of Silva-Wyte
CH Braves Mahalia of Sharick
Black Persian
0109-0002268 v102 May 31 1969
GC JB Cezanne of Silva-Wyte
DCH Dawnmist Rainbow of Braves
GC, GP Serbs Bel-Akhanneh of Misean
O.E. White Persian
0105-0001127 v106 Oct 17 1972
CH Jo-Ni Jonathan of Serbs
C.E. White Persian
102-0003271 v104 Jun 2 1969
GC Fairvilla Little Soot of Jo-Ni
GC Starfire Monique of Jo-Ni
GC Serbs Carbon Copy
Black Persian
0109-0002595 v104 Apr 26 1970
CH Silva-Wyte Angus Silky of Serbs
CH Serbs Tabatha
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