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CH, EngGC Sandypaws Chief Manyletters
(M) Mar 30 2005, 3256-1551149 v0607, Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
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GC Alomi's Charles Aznavoyeur
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
3256-1303274 v0701 Jan 27 2000
GC/IC Teahs Winter's Frost of Alomi
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-1156638 Aug 4 1997
GC Teahs Frosty DM
Blue-Eyed White CPC
3000-986690 v0697 Jan 13 1995
CH Callyn's Winter-Eyes of Elshaddai
GC Teahs Good Golly Miss Molly
GC, RW Teahs Winter Wonderland DM
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-892425 v0196 Jul 2 1993
GC, PR DeMiara's Some Like It Hot of Teahs DM
DeMiara Icee Blue of Teahs DM
Purrboxes Zignature of Alomi
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3253-1514767 v0607 Mar 24 1998
Katra's Charbon
Black CPC
3008-895653 Oct 30 1993
GC, RW Katrina's Tallahassee of Marsamis DM
Katra's Mystique
IC Sandypaws Carol-Line
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
3257-1043937 / NRR 117998 Nov 20 1995
CH Sandypaws City Slicker of Keemera
CH Sandypaws Bubblicious
CH Sandypaws Buttons 'N Bows
Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan
3247-1215848 v0500 Jul 27 1998
CH Sandypaws Beary Blue of Puffstuff
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
3256-1089296 v1197 Mar 2 1996
CH Sandypaws City Slicker of Keemera
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3252-966687 v1295 Oct 20 1994
GC Sandypaws Rapid Fire of Jaemak
CH Sandypaws I Love You Truly
Surrenitee's Serenade of Sandypaws
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-938275 v0796 May 8 1994
CH Myshadows Mesmer-Eyes of Callyn
CH Purringwood's Chantel of Surrenitee
GC Sandypaws Scarlett Ribbons
Red Tabby CPC
3041-1054509 v1198 Feb 29 1996
Copykittens Is That Waldo
Red Tabby CPC
3040-801003 v0794 Oct 2 1991
CH Concerto's Along Came Bill
CH Copykittens Rosie Robin
Sandypaws Truly Scrumptious
Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan
3247-970113 v0596 Oct 20 1994
GC Sandypaws Rapid Fire of Jaemak
CH Sandypaws I Love You Truly
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