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CH, DW, GIC Scappini's Lorenzo of Sipora
(M) Aug 24 1994, 0108-1004705v0197/NKSB 94-10-003/DEKZV248578, Black Persian
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GIC, PR Sansone Floriade of Scappini
Black Persian
FFI LO 38690/(D)DEKZV 276489
IC Ohm di Borgo Ala
Black Persian
FFI LO 22717
Bar-B Cabochard of Columbia
Cream Persian
0114-0469865 / (IT)FFI LO 18624 May 4 1987
GC Bar-B Lowenbaugh DM
Pironti Pucker Power of Bar-B
Mafalda del Girasole
Tortoiseshell Persian
LOI 16140
GIC Igor dell' Orsa Maggiore
Benaughty Boo Hoo Who
Renetta di Borgo Ala
Tortoiseshell Persian
FFI LO 32288
Dolcevita's Spartacus Saroux
Black Persian
ANFI LOI 28261
GC, RW Dolcevita's Spend A Buck
Beaudee's Kitty Angel of Dolcevita
Nene' de Dignatic
Tortoiseshell Persian
LOI 19165
Columbia Rigoletto
Mimi' Boheme D Eporedia
Evita de Palatine
Tortoiseshell Persian
RvT 77.221/(D)DEKZV 276493 Jun 21 1993
Oceano's Clouseau of Jerba Nicol
Red-White Persian
NLKV 92.13.826
GIC Vaarthof I Make It
O.E. White Persian
SNKV 89-012-67L Nov 8 1989
GIC Vaarthof White Fantastic
CH Vaarthof White Gold
Oceano's Janis Joplin
Cream Persian
NLKV 92-12.877
Vaarthof Cartoon
Vaarthof Aurea
Harwood Patchwork of Iwanda
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0729821 Jul 2 1991
GC Hankypankys Gadget of Harwood (of Larpa)
Black Persian
0108-0584508 v0591 / DEKZV LO 179481 Sep 11 1989
GC Marhei Express of Hankypankys
CH Hankypankys Tinker Toy
Rubyrose Chantilly of Harwood
Cream Persian
0115-0713418 v0891 Aug 11 1990
CH Windpegs DJ's Golddust of Pawsntime
Windpegs Star Dust of Rubyrose
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