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GC, RW Scrimshaw Rumors DM
(F) Aug 25 2000, 0109-1325368 v1103, Black Persian
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GC, RW Boberan's Shaq Attack of Scrimshaw
Black Persian
0108-1264038 v1100 Dec 19 1998
CH Blueskyeyes Falcon of Boberan DM
Black Persian
0108-1075021 v0698 May 26 1996
GC Cattrax Night Owl
Black Persian
0108-0861761 v0895 / (D) DEKZV 266872 May 30 1993
GC Copacats Marque O'Zorro of Cattrax DM
GC, RW Cattrax Destiny
GC Vickits Prestege of Blueskyeyes
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0864282 v0895 / (D) DEKZV 266874 Aug 13 1993
GC Vickits Excalibur
Bolo's Princess Diana of Vickits DM
GC, RW Boberan's Love Attack DM
Calico Persian
0149-1135252 v1198 May 7 1997
ACFA RM CH Agonistes Bear Stamp of Boberan
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-0999400 v0697 Apr 26 1995
GC Bolo's Bear Essentials of Agonistes
Frenchcats Trading Stamp of Brigan (of Bolo)
Boberan's Love Lessons
Calico Persian
0149-0822714 v0195 Sep 1 1992
GC Harwood Johnny Come Lately
Boberan's Acie Dece
GC, BW, NW Agonistes Scandals of Scrimshaw
Black Persian
0109-1176330 v1100 Oct 10 1997
GC, NW Agonistes Commotion of Scrimshaw COY
Black Persian
0108-1016146 v0298 May 16 1995
GC, RW Bolo's Don Giovanni of Donau
Black-White Persian
1108-0839180 v0794 Jan 13 1993
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
Bolo's Tinkerbelle
GC Bolo's Low Commotion of Agonistes DM
Calico Persian
0149-0814488 v0794 Jul 24 1992
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
GC Bolo's Fruit O'The Loom DM
Agonistes Ragtime
Calico Persian
0149-1166373 v0298 Jul 30 1996
GC Bolo's Bear Essentials of Agonistes
Black-White Persian
1108-0869955 v1094 Feb 11 1993
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
GC, RW Bolo's Roseanne of Noblessa DM
GC, GIC Bolo's Merry Jo
Calico Persian
0149-1002167 v0896 May 5 1995
GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo
Bolo's Twiggie DM
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