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CH Shadowplay's Bluzy-Q of Chantilylace
(F) Oct 28 1994, 1107-0969730 v0196, Blue-White Persian
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CH Brida's Little Guy of Shadowplay
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-0931539 v1294 Oct 27 1993
CH Anz Boomerang of Daydreamer (of Brida)
Cream-White Van Persian
1180-0494351 v0889 Apr 8 1988
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
Blue-White Persian
0190-0373402v1187/NRR 114319/Sverak131696 Dec 25 1986
GC Currle Cats Carry On of Tatooeen
GC Brownstone Miss Priss of Anz
CH Anz The Real Thing
Calico Persian
0149-0390459 v0688 Mar 26 1987
CH Anz Van Gogh
CH Myshadows Miss American Pie
CH Sachar's Periwinkle of Brida
Calico Persian
0149-0719253 Sep 15 1990
CH Connaught Paddy O'Brian of Sachar
Red Tabby Persian
Connaught Mickey-D DM
GC Connaught I'm A Peeper, Too!
Sachar Mandy
Blue-White Persian
GC Marhei Man About Town of Sachar
Catsi Classique Expression
CH Shadowplay's Pocahontas
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0891444 v1294 Jun 8 1993
GC Shadowplay's Ambrose of Powell Hill
Cream Persian
0114-0778982 Dec 14 1991
GC, RW Gypsyrose One Cookie To A Customer
Red Persian
0110-0534887 Apr 10 1989
GC, GP, NW South Paw Sun Beau of Karleton (of Trailwood) DM
GC Landmark Fortune Cookie
Daydreamer Amber Glow of Shadowplay
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
0141M-0516007 v1189 Jun 9 1998
Kueen Kasino of Wangen
Daydreamer Desiree
PR Shadowplay's Jambalaya
Calico Persian
0149-0720855 Jun 5 1991
PR PaJean's Louisanna Gambler of Ladar
Red-White Persian
1110-0685076 v0591 Apr 19 1990
GC, RW PaJean's Tuxedo of Honeychild (Artemis)
CH Fratsy Undercover Angel of PaJean
Shadowplay's Somethin Special
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0491251 Sep 6 1988
GC Dania Double Take of Chumaly
CH Daydreamer Dusty of Shadowplay
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