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CH Shawnee Blue Topaz
(M) Jun 17 1957, 58-1306 v87/ACFA P12-S59-466, Blue Persian
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Nor-Mont Wycliffe Blue Breeze
Colorbred Blue Persian
72-SB-614 v72 Aug 17 1952
Wycliffe Chu-Imp
Colorbred Blue Persian
31-SB-745 v32 Jul 12 1946
GC Woodchurch Periwinkle
Colorbred Blue Persian
19-SB-293 v21 Jun 4 1937
UK CH Theydon Sunset
UK CH Woodchurch Aprilblossom
CH Wimauma Chuette O'White Birch
Colorbred Blue Persian
21-SB-794 v23 Aug 19 1940
CH Lavender Chu Chu
Sweetest Thing of White Birch
Beechwold's Bonny of Nigrette
Colorbred Blue Persian
35-SB-357 v35 Jun 11 1946
GC Dixi-Land Salute
Colorbred Blue Persian
20-SB-283 v22 Sep 22 1938
UK CH Benjamin of Westfield
CH Dixi-Land Wanda of Dunesk (Wanda of Dunesk)
Blue Sylvan Lady Beaumaris
Blue Persian
26-SB-280, v28 Jun 29 1941
CH Lavender Chu Chu
CH Bobbinette of Blue Sylvan
Shawnee Black Topaz
Black Persian
58-558 v84 Jun 25 1955
GC, NW Lavender Liberty Beau COY
Colorbred Blue
34-SB-213 v34/CFF 9203 v17 Aug 15 1945
GC Lavender Liberty
Blue Persian
24-SB-606 v26 Jun 28 1942
CH Lavender Chu Chu
CH Laughton Delphine
CH Lavender Firelight
Colorbred Blue Persian
23-SB-708 v25 Jul 30 1941
Laughton Firefly
Chu San of White Birch
Shawnee Apache Topaz
Tortoiseshell Persian
38-SB-547 v38 Mar 21 1948
CH Spoon River Cardinal of Shawnee
Red Persian
30-SB-870 v31 Jun 26 1946
CH Spoon River Cock of The Rock
Spoon River Seraph
CH Royalty's Bonny Imp of Shawnee
Tortoiseshell Persian
31-SB-475 v32 Jun 10 1946
CH Chu-Mischief of White Birch
Kansas City Ebony Girl
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