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GC Shawnee Jubilette of Samarkand
(F) Jul 22 1962, 0107-0001408 v95/ACFA P12-S64-2096, Blue Persian
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GC Nor-Mont Jubilee II of West Allis
Colorbred Blue Persian
93-SB-321 v84 Jan 27 1955
CH Dixi-Land Wycliffe Encore
Colorbred Blue Persian
39-SB-024 v39 Jul 12 1948
GC Dixi-Land Salute
Dixi-Land Periwinkle
GC, GP, NW West Allis Annette
Colorbred Blue Persian
43-SB-729 v43 /ACA 20429 v43 May 12 1949
GC Jubilee of Blulace of West Allis
Wycliffe Chu-Anne of West Allis
Shawnee Diantha
Blue Persian
0107-0001250 v95/ACFA P12-S62-2018 Sep 7 1961
GC, NW Shawnee Moondance
C.E. White Persian
0102-0000044 v89/ACFA P11G-S59-449 Aug 1 1958
CH, DGC Klinkhammer Topper of Castilia
GC Shawnee Moonflower of Gallahad
Windibank Diana of Azulita
Blue Persian
0107-0000343 v87 Aug 15 1957
CH, CCA DCH Windibank Dear David of Dunesk
CH Dixi-Land Delilah of Windibank
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