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GC Shawnee Red Carpet of Jobi
(F) Jun 3 1964, 0111-0000411 v97, Red Persian
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GC, NW Beamsley Sunshine of Gaylands
Cream Persian
0114-0000159 v92 / GCCF 72405 v12 Aug 7 1959
UK CH Beamsley Sunbeam of Gaylands
Cream Persian
GCCF 72405 SB# 5125 v13-15 Jul 2 1954
Berrett Casanova
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 62458 v11 Jun 12 1952
UK CH Dylan of Allington
Chloe of Dunesk
Beamsley Nyddia
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF 65625 May 21 1952
UK CH Bayhorne Minton
Valleyend Phyllis
UK CH Barwell Psyche
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF 90646 Jun 6 1958
UK CH Oscar of Pensford (of Dunesk)
Cream Persian
GCCF 75033 SB# 5553 v13 Apr 3 1955
UK CH Foxburrow Frivolous
UK CH Dawn of Pensford
Priscilla of Pensford
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF 72901 SB# 5634 v13 Oct 6 1954
UK CH Foxburrow Frivolous
Anchor Felicity
GC, NW Shawnee Painting The Town Red II
Red Persian
0111-0000410 v96 Jun 16 1961
CH Shawnee Red Letter Day of Jobi
Red Persian
0110-0000177 v92 Sep 25 1959
CH Shawnee Blue Topaz
Blue Persian
58-1306 v87/ACFA P12-S59-466 Jun 17 1957
Nor-Mont Wycliffe Blue Breeze
Shawnee Black Topaz
CH Shawnee Dina of Sandhill
Red Persian
58-1308 v86 /ACFA P14-S59-469 Jan 8 1956
CH, CFF DCH Coralmere Dawn of Freedom
Shawnee Cardinalette II
CH Shawnee Godiva
Red Tabby Persian
58-1310 v88 Oct 29 1955
CH Shawnee Copper Coach II
Red Persian
81-SB0-92 v81 Jun 30 1954
GC Shawnee Copper Coach
Shawnee Apache Topaz
CH Candy Cane Cupcake of Nor-Mont
Blue-Cream Persian
72-SB-327 v72 Jul 29 1953
Candy Cane Creamy Toffee
CH Rosemont Meadowlark
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