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CH Shy's Castle Dark Velvet
(F) Jun 29 1959, 0109-0000120 v98, Black Persian
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CH Anchusa Rigi of Shy's Castle
Blue Persian
58-225 v87 May 10 1957
UK CH Bayhorne Adam
Blue Persian
GCCF 72139 SB# 5072 v12,14 May 9 1954
UK CH Baralan Boy Blue
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 40752 v9 SB# 3294 v9-10 Jul 2 1947
UK CH Deebank Michael
Bayhorne Sheena
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF 52727 SB#5620 v12/13 May 8 1950
UK CH Widdington Warden
UK CH Pelham Silver Girl
Foxburrow Fleur
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 68900 Apr 15 1954
UK CH Dylan of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 48934 v10-11 Jul 24 1949
UK CH Southway Crusader
UK CH Mair of Allington
Herries Helga
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 48092 v11 Aug 5 1948
Moonraker of Allington
Glenshee Felicity
CH Aladin's Tar Baby of Shy's Castle
Black Persian
43-SB-415 v43 Jul 14 1949
CH Gray Haven's King Cole of Shy's Castle
Black Persian
34-SB-522 v34 Mar 17 1947
CH Great Lakes Charcoal
Black Persian
22-SB-599 v24 Aug 17 1940
CH Dixi-Land Hawthornsyke Ian, Imported
Great Lakes Black Diamond of Takeley
Suzie Q of Gray Haven
Black Persian
20-SB-333 v22 / CFF 7585 v14 Sep 17 1938
GC Great Lakes Basildon Talisman
Dream Princess
Bluebeard's Bonny Blue of Aladin
Blue Persian
43-SB-228 v43 Sep 19 1947
Larklan's Black Muchacho
Black Persian
23-SB-769 v25 Apr 11 1941
My Own Roderick Blue
Sandra Lea
Nigrette Angel's Cherub
Colorbred Blue Persian
32-SB-002 v32 May 21 1946
ACA CH Barbe Bleue Fibber
Nigrette's Angel Bear
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