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GC Sierra Delite
(F) Apr 19 1976, 0151-0010015 v111, Blue-Cream Persian
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Zoda Xerxes of Sierra
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0004748 v104 Sep 25 1969
GC Zoda Mon Ami Pierrot
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0001188 v98 Jun 19 1963
Wimauma Caper of Zoda
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0000627 v95 Dec 3 1960
Wimauma Sweetaboy
CH Eirlys of Allington of Dixi-Land
Zoda Persis
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0000264 v92 Aug 26 1958
CH Wimauma Pierrot of Zoda
Wimauma Mair of Zoda
Wimauma Poppet of Zoda
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0001962 v98 Apr 29 1965
CH Halcyon Fidelio of Wimauma
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0001274 v96/CFF 19M-30847-1/ACA 5220 Apr 27 1963
UK CH Halcyon Boniface
UK CH Halcyon Candida
CFF CH Wimauma Amity of Bean Ridge
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0000986 v94 Jun 10 1962
CH, CFF DCH Wimauma So Big of Zoda
CH Wimauma Amaryllis
GC, RW Sierra Eclipse DM
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0004605 v104 Apr 16 1971
CH Kilarney Michael of Sierra
Cream Persian
0114-0001710 v101 Jun 5 1967
CH Tree-Mount's Sandrift
Cream Persian
0114-0000574 v98 May 14 1963
GC Minqua's Commando of Tree-Mount
Tree-Mount's Preceptress
CH Bloemhill Irish I's of Kilarney
Cream Persian
0115-0000571 v98 Apr 7 1964
GC Bloemhill Spartan
CH Bloemhill Largo
Zoda Georgette of Sierra
Blue Persian
0107-0003370 v101 Sep 20 1967
CH Zoda Periander
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0002834 v99 Apr 12 1980
GC Zoda Mon Ami Pierrot
Wimauma Andrea of Zoda
Zoda Attossa
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0001545 v98 Sep 24 1964
CH Halcyon Fidelio of Wimauma
Wimauma Aurelia of Zoda
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