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Skyway Bit O'Squire of Dunhowa
(F) Jun 15 1964, 0147-0000745 v98, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH Sherdon Squire of Skyway
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0001066 v96 Jul 10 1958
GC Skyway Bufton of Kingshill
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0000196 v89 Jul 10 1958
Nigrette Hercules of Skyway
Colorbred Blue Persian
97-SB-201 v84 Apr 9 1955
GC Dixi-Land Montpellier Victor
Nigrette's Inspiration
Dimples of Dunesk of Skyway
Colorbred Blue Persian
97-SB-372 v86 Jul 12 1956
UK CH Foxburrow Frivolous
UK CH Gaydene Wild Rose
CH Skyway Princess of Sherdon
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0000480 v92 Apr 25 1960
Wimauma Timothy of Karen Hills
Colorbred Blue Persian
77-SB-556 v77/CFF 13138 v21 Apr 28 1954
GC Moonbeam of Gaylands
Gaylands Pearl of Pensford
Silver Moth Bright Angel
Colorbred Blue Persian
91-SB-142 v84 Mar 13 1956
Silver-Moth Regal Symbol
Silver Moth Roseaura
Evergreen Rose Lady of Skyway
Red Persian
0111-0000256 v96 Jul 17 1961
Skyway Red Gold of Wil-Jene
Red Persian
0110-0000211 v90 Dec 16 1958
Skyway David Hume of Shah-Gai (Nigrette)
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0000138 v87/ACA 49038/P12-S64-2549 Apr 11 1957
Nigrette Hercules of Skyway
Gaymoor Tamarah of Nigrette
Wheeler's Trixie of Skyway
Tortoiseshell Persian
99-SB-163 v89 Oct 30 1956
Blue Gables Black Champaign
Longhill's Coronet of Rob-Mar
Treasure Trove of Wil-Jene
Red Persian
0111-0000117 v87 Nov 23 1957
Apache of White Cloud (Smallhurst Apache)
Red Persian
98-SB-576 v84 Jun 19 1953
CH Macca Mr. Timothy
CH, CFF TCH Gra-Stone Love of Smallhurst
CH Longhill's Quilty of White Cloud
Tortoiseshell Persian
57-1666 v84
GC Longhill's Red Treasure
CH Longhill's Halloween of Oblyn
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