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CH, ACFA TGC Speedwell Twinks (AKA Twinks)
(F) Jun 6 1924, GCCF 10421 SB #748 v4-5/480 v1, Blue Persian
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UK CH Nailstone Omar
Blue Persian
GCCF SB #8593
Buzz Buzz
Blue Persian
GCCF 6034 SB #88 v2 Jul 17 1919
Blue Britisher
Blue Persian
ACA 3317 v9 / GCCF 5509 Mar 13 1913
Vanity of Thorpe
Blue Persian
NCC 6888
UK CH Neila Billi of Thorpe
Colorbred Blue Persian
NCC 3828? /SB #54A v1 Mar 27 1903
UK CH Orange Blossom of Thorpe
Blue Persian
NCC 3056 SB#54-A v6-7/ ACA 114 v1 Apr 19 1901
UK CH Darius (1899)
Daisy Nita of Thorpe
Barrymore Periwinkle
Blue Persian
Peter Boy
Barrymore Duchess
Vaila (1907)
Blue Persian
NCC 6307 May 3 1907
Royal Bobs
Blue Persian
NCC SB#59-A v6-7 Oct 5 1900
Blue Boy II
Dashoor (aka: Dushcar)
Fortuna (1906)
Blue Persian
NCC Apr 20 1906
Oulton Rajah
Blue Patti
Ruckholt Queenie
Blue Persian
GCCF SB 3938
UK CH Lord Monkton of Dundee
Blue Persian
GCCF 1094 v1/USR 395/ ACA 4400 Apr 17 1905
UK CH Blue San Toy
Blue Persian
NCC SB# 44A v6-7 /ACA 61 v1 Apr 29 1900
Peter of Tovil
Blue Pads
Blue Persian
CFA SB v3 p.34 / NCC Mar 10 1902
Kew Brushwood Boy(Brushwood Boy,Wrotham Bru..
Blue Iris (d: Blue Boss b:1901)
Lily (d: Ruckholt Queenie)
Blue Persian
Mark Anthony (usr 144)
Blue Persian
NCC SB#53A, v6-7 / USR 144
Iver Wooshoo
Juliet (ncc-D:Mark Anthony-1898)
Orange Lily
Red Persian
Rycott Winnie
Blue Persian
xx5380 v9 / GCCF 6096 SB 221 v2 Apr 1 1917
Treasure of Thurlestone
Blue Persian
GCCF 3907
Tony II
Blue Persian
GCCF 226 Dec 31 1910
Eastbury Cadillac
Blue Persian
Fluffy (d:Tony II b:1910)

Gwendoline (d: Treasure of Thurlestone)
Blue? Persian
GCCF 838
UK CH Neidpath Ambassador
Blue Persian
Neidpath Sylph
Blue Persian
Rokeby Sunshine
Blue-Cream Persian
CH Rokeby Red Lancer (formerly Selfish One)
Orange Persian
CFA 1602 v4/ACA 1525 v5/GCCF 885 v1/NCC6939 Jul 3 1909
Lord Thurlow
Blue Persian
The Catch of The Season
Lady Winkie II
Mollington Gypsy (akaMollington Gipsy)
Tortoiseshell Persian
King Carlos
Mollington Betty
Rokeby Blue Wuzz
Blue Persian
Winchmore Chieftain
Blue Persian
GCCF Apr 29 1907
Winchmore Blue Dragon
Winchmore Belkis
Winchmore Lady
Blue? Persian
Susan Itty
Blue Persian
UK CH Blue Esme (aka Queenie)
Blue Persian
GCCF SB#480 v1 - LCQ
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