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CH, TICA GC Stachys Cyclamen
(M) Jan 21 1998, 3274-1174688 v0403, Lilac Point Himalayan
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CH V.D.Landwehr Murphybrown of Stachys
Chocolate Point Himalayan
Eur GC Tyland Leo Tally-Ho
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3270-790705 v0294 Apr 10 1992
CH Kissncats Mein Schatz of Tyland
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-660072 v0891 May 5 1990
GC Frenchcreek Abit Above of Twinshire
CH, GP Cactusway's Brownsugar of Kissncats
CH Kashimoto's Truffles of Tyland
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3271-710337 v0991 Jun 1 1990
Cactusway's Lilac Louie
Homerkits Maggie May of Tyland
Just One Look Von Weromi
Black CPC
Black-Design von Rosenthal
Black CPC
Zsa-Zsa Snow White von der Landwehr
Blue-Eyed White CPC
Stachys Alkmena
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Kleawkla Bicky of Stachys
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-803275 v0694 Aug 15 1992
CH Kleawkla Ariel
Blue Point Himalayan
GC, RW Desiderata's Azure of Starsuger
Kleawkla Asami
CH DeMiara's Azalea of Kleawkla DM
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-716874 v1092 May 7 1991
GC, RW DeMiara's C Weed of Oceanstar DM
CH, GP DeMiara's Honeysuckle of Enfant
Kim-Ball Syrinx of Stachys
Lilac Point Himalayan
CH Perseus Pulcherimus of Shurwin
Lilac Point Himalayan
3274-761687 v0693 May 27 1991
CH Puffyfluff's Lilac Legacy
Penelope's Persephone Pulcheria
Mamzelle Bijou of Kim-Ball
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3271-468635 Feb 17 1988
Chiasta Teddy
Chiasta Petite Pappillon
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