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GC, RW Starbourne Legacy
(F) Jul 16 2012, 7547-1788653, Tortoiseshell Exotic
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GC, RW Steadham's Jake Sully of Starbourne
Blue McTabby Exotic
7752M-1728426 May 7 2011
Steadham Exotic Mojo
Brown McTabby Exotic LH
7798-1718443 v0911 Aug 29 2008
GC Floricats Jose Cuervo of Steadham
Blue McTabby & White Exotic
7992-1580353 v0608 Sep 1 2006
CH Ashlin Zots Glamorous of Steadham
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby & White Exotic
7987-1603805 v1108 May 7 2007
CH Steadham Blueberry Shortcake
Blue McTabby Exotic
7753M-1681272 Sep 30 2009
GC Steadham Thunder In The Night
Brown Spotted Tabby & White Exotic
7944-1655364 v1209 Jul 29 2008
CH Steadham Johnnie Girl
Blue Tabby & White Persian
1157-1569224 v0607 May 20 2005
Starbourne's Touched By An Angel
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7547-1672073 v0511 Apr 13 2009
CH, GP, NW Starbourne's Eye-Of-The-Tiger
Brown McTabby Exotic
7744M-1635706 Mar 31 2008
CH EzLuvin Simba of Wiccacats
Cream Persian
0114-1422667 v0703 Jun 10 2002
Kitsyrie Prime Time of Seafarers
EZLuvin Happy Heidi
GC Starbourne's I Hope You Dance DM
Brown McTabby Exotic
7745M-1539908 v0807 Jul 5 2005
GC LT*Lelija Picasso of Starbourne
CH, GP Calivan Cassiopeia
GC Starbourne It's A Tribble!
Blue Patched Tabby Exotic
7589-1610467 v0908 Feb 23 2007
GC LT*Lelija Picasso of Starbourne
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7944-1455796 v0704 Jun 15 2003
IC Dega-Bulu's Drago
Sybarit Naomi-Of-LT*Lelija
Perfikatz Memory
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7547-1580241 Mar 28 2006
GC Bard's Nicholas of Perfikatz
Perfikatz Caravella
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