Pedigree of:

Stellarosa Laila Bleu
(F) Apr 6 2015, 7677-2062327, Blue Point Exotic
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CH/TICA QGC Uno Belgatto Cocoa of Cherrybirdie
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1654130 v1210/ SBV 082308 025 Aug 23 2008
GC My Ty My Fudgecicle of Uno Belgatto
Chocolate CPC
3020-1356914 v0102 Dec 27 2000
CH My Ty's Johnny Walker Red
Red McTabby CPC
3040M-1187226 v0599 Jan 21 1998
My Ty's Private Label
Paw De Chat Red Paw
My Ty's Ms Dulcie Brown
Brown McTabby CPC
3045M-1227554 v0599 Apr 7 1998
My Ty's Jack-Of-Hearts
My Ty's Ms. Sugar Brown of Apeeling
Uno Belgatto Dona Margharina
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-1427637 v0404 Dec 18 2002
Wildaffair Hirsute of Uno Belgatto
Lilac CPC
3022-1160399 v0998 Jun 14 1997
QDPies George Thorogood of Kats4u
CH Wildaffair Celeste of Fuzzyfriends
CH Dona Alessandra Di Uno Belgatto
Tortoiseshell CPC
3047-1361716 v0902 Jul 4 2001
Chachi Shan Who Smokey Boy
Miss Sweet Somaki Suki Funney Face
Fancyfriends Penelope of Stellarosa
Tortie Point Exotic
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