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Timbercreek Sherman T Oynque
(M) Sep 16 1982, 0110-144249 v1284, Red Persian
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CH Timbercreek's Carbon Copy
Red Persian
0110-072407 v1082 May 11 1981
GC Timbercreek's Trademark
Red Persian
0110-005852 v0781 May 24 1980
CH Timbercreek's Patent Pending
Red Persian
0110-004247 v110 Jun 1 1977
Mr. Ed of Timbercreek
GC Calais Aimee of Timbercreek
GC Timbercreek's Collage
Tortoiseshell Persian
Mari-Dee's Ebony of Timbercreek
GC Calais Aimee of Timbercreek
Eirewood's Confetti
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC Orange Julius of Eirewood
Red Persian
0110-003295 v109 Jun 30 1975
Prim-Pet Paisley of Eirewood
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-008332 v109 Sep 13 1976
Timbercreek's Hopscotch
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-012566 v1181 Jun 25 1980
Timbercreek Tripper
Black Persian
GC Calais Aimee of Timbercreek
Red Persian
0111-002973 v109 May 20 1976
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