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Tombrock Lala of De Lindar
(F) May 27 2007, 0107-1617620 v1008, Blue Persian
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CH Tehy Coala Bear of Tombrock
Black Persian
0108-1569238 v0407 Oct 16 2005
GC, NW Kelsha Great Bear of Tehy DM
Black Persian
0108-1266614 v0102 Aug 24 1999
GC, NW Bolo's Rodeo of Kelsha
Black-White Persian
1108-0812364 v1294 Jul 24 1992
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
GC Bolo's Fruit O'The Loom DM
GC, GP, RW Kelsha Blessing Way DM
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-1171350 v1099 Sep 5 1997
CH Aftabi's California Gold of Kelsha DM
GC Kelsha Painted Desert
Tehy Aggravation
Black Persian
0109-1456276 v0105 Aug 21 2002
GC Bolo's Rumor Hasit of Tehy
Black Persian
0108-0791014 v1193 Apr 25 1992
GC Bolo's Eyes N.F.S. of Caliope
Bolo's Tinkerbelle
Bocasana's Easy Going of Tehy
Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1157-1132275 v1297/(S)SVERAK LO 137519 Mar 9 1996
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
Ezluvin Blueberry of Tombrock
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-1528043 v0506 Dec 27 2004
CH Ezluvin Short Stop
Blue-White Persian
1106-1456879 v0105 Jun 25 2003
GC Ezluvin Cream 'N Sugar
Cream-White Persian
1114-1259547 v0800 May 6 1999
GC, RW Ezluvin Jeepers Creepers
CH Cattabury's Anastasia of Ezluvin
GC Ezluvin Peace And Serenity
Blue-White Van Persian
1307-1389765 v0703 Sep 26 2001
CH Aristochet Amadeus of EZLuvin(Superiorcatz)
CH Ezluvin Anna Marie of Jambar
CH Kozi Snow Angel of Ezluvin
C.E. White Persian
0103-1420564 v0105 Jun 27 2002
GC Fanci Fx Up And At "Em" of Kozy
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
0140M-1232472 v0501 Oct 31 1998
GC Fanci Fx Abracadabra
GC, GP, NW Tehy Reddy-Set-Go! of Fanci Fx(Kona Cliffs)
CH Kozy Oddly Enough of Angelkissed
O.E. White Persian
0105-1320106 v1201 Jul 23 2000
Bish-Kits Ivan of Kozy
CH Kozy C'Est La Vie
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